Why 99% of Muscle Building Routines Fail

Muscle Building RoutineThere are literally tens of thousands of different muscle building routines floating around the Internet, magazines, television and society. The problem with most of them is that 99% of the time you are simply given a list of exercises and the accompanying sets and reps and that’s it.

Now I know what your thinking “Yeah so what that’s all you need right?” Not exactly you see the problem with only receiving this amount of information in a muscle building routine is that you are only getting half of what proper muscle building routines should consist of. Building muscle is much more than just going to the gym pumping out a dozen exercises per muscle group.

It would really be like going on a road trip to a specific destination and only getting half of the map. Not only would the trip take longer but it would also be a lot harder to keep track of where you were and where you had to go.

Building muscle with only the exercises or the “gym” portion of the muscle building process is only half the map. The other half and yes often the part of the map that is most complained about and tossed aside is the paper work of muscle building.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how long you have been working out for if you want to maximize your results in the gym then you need to not only keep track of your workouts, but you also have to set goals and make action plans. I realize that this is a very dry and time consuming thing to do but trust me when I say that this part of the muscle building process is very very important.

Alright so now that you know what you have to do let me just take a minute to give you a bit of detail on each one just to take away any confusion.


Goals are basically end points, they are the destination of your muscle building  journey.  These goals should create a challenge but should also be possible to attain, making a goal to gain 30lbs of muscle in 1 month would just simply be unattainable and would be more of a discouraging factor than anything.  Your goals should also consist of short term and long term goals that way you can use your short term goals to stay on track to your long term goals.

Track Workouts

This aspect is very important as you need to be constantly increasing the intensity of your muscle building routines in order to promote new muscle growth. How are you suppose to do that if you are not keeping track of the weights, exercises, reps, sets, and lift tempo. Keeping track of your routines results not only tells you if there are any improvements but also helps you to know where and when changes should be made.

Make Action Plans

Basically put a goal without action is nothing more than a dream. It’s great that you set goals but if you do not take action and come up with a plan to meet these goals then you are simply wasting your time and will end up losing your motivation and drive.

This may sound difficult but once you get into it and it becomes a habit then you won’t even notice that you’re doing it, on top of that you will definitely notice more results. The best part about it is that you don’t need anything fancy, all you need is a simple notebook.

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