Bursting 6 Common Myths About Building Lean Muscles

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In today’s glamorous world everyone wants to be fit and famous. Building lean muscles is on the wish list of 90% people across the globe. In our quest to attain that dream body, we gather information from different sources. But haven’t we heard that excess of everything is bad?

We are so desperate to build lean muscles that we start following whatever positive advice we get from even an unauthentic source that sometimes do us more harm than good. If you are keen on building lean muscles then some of the common questions which you would be searching the answers for would include:

  • How much time should I spend in gym?
  • Should I completely eliminate carbs from my diet?
  • What are the best muscle building exercises?
  • Do spot exercises work?
  • When will I be able to flaunt my biceps and 6 pack abs?

Taking advantage of the situation, many scammers take advantage of bodybuilders and sell them muscle building supplements and workout DVDs at exorbitant prices that does not provide you with desired results.

If you are keen on building lean muscles then here are 6 main myths which are busted to help you complete your journey successfully:

1. Bodybuilding is for men while building lean muscles is for women

One cannot be way off the mark. It is true that traditionally men prefer to be beefed up while women like to be lean but in today’s world of fitness, nothing is gender specific. Building lean muscles is something that is preferred by men who doesn’t enjoy hulk like look.

2. Lean muscles can be developed only in specific areas

We all know that spot reduction is a myth. You need to perform a complete body workout if you want to burn off your belly fat. Similarly, you cannot develop lean muscles in a particular area. Come to think of it, won’t lean and trim arms and legs standing out from a bulging midriff give you an appearance of a pregnant women?

3. Building lean muscles can be achieved only through weight training

While you have to do strength training to build lean muscles but doing cardiovascular exercises is equally important along with a healthy diet to get a lean and mean physique.

4. More repetition means faster results

Building lean muscles is not about the amount of time you spend in gym and the number of repetitions you perform but it is about the type of workouts you do and whether you perform them completely. It is advisable that in eagerness to build lean muscles fast you should not overexert yourself as it may cause injuries.

5. Building lean muscles requires you to be on a protein only diet

While you need to increase your protein intake when you are keen on building lean muscles, eating complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables is equally important to keep your body strong and healthy.

6. A supplement could help you build lean muscles in just couple of weeks

If you are keen on building lean muscles then do it the natural way and avoid using supplements and steroids that will go your body more harm.

Remember building lean muscles will require consistent efforts and strong determination. Stay away from wrong advice and concentrate on your diet as well as exercise to become proud owner of a dream body.

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