Muscle Building Secrets for Well Sculptured Body

Sculptured BodyYou had been reading all health magazines and subscribing to the news feed of health sections of popular websites. You would be meeting different fitness trainers, talking to gym owners and would have read unlimited number of books to find the muscle building secrets. If you haven’t been successful, in all probability you would even asked an astrologer to read your palm so as to know if you can actually develop big muscles as seen in the bodybuilding advertisements.

If you had been gorging on bodybuilding fad supplements and spending endless hours in gym without much success. Tired of spending time and money on fruitless pursuit then here are some muscle building secrets which you should know to maximize your chances of developing lean and mean body.

Start in the young age

Research suggests that your genes play a big role in determining how fast you can develop muscles. Unfortunately we can’t select our parents but yes we can select the right workouts which support muscle building. Starting young would also act in your favor. Haven’t we heard, early bird gets the best catch!

High volume-medium intensity training for maximum benefit

Before you get confused, volume refers to the number of sets and intensity mean the weights which you should select. While weight training, you should perform 15-20 lifts with a 30-60sec break in between. When you exercise intensely then lactic acid is produced which stimulates muscle growth.

Stretch yourself but do not overstrain

While weight training you need to test your limits and have to do repetitions till your body screams NOO! But on the other hand you should take sufficient time to relax and repair your muscles if you want them to grow. By training 3-4 times a week is sufficient to give your muscles a much needed push for growth. Start with fewer sessions and as time progress increase the intensity and duration of workout.

Taking sufficient calories is essential for muscle growth

You cannot build muscles on an empty stomach. Never skip a meal and keep a track of what you are eating. Make sure you are feeding your body with right quantity of protein which is needed to repair your torn muscles. If you are a vegetarian then you need to ensure that you are having minimum 1 gm of protein for per pound of your body weight. You can eat protein in form of soymilk, legumes or whey protein shakes and bars to ensure you are feeding your body with right quantity of protein. Avoid eating junk food and stay away from processed food that has high sodium and sugar content if you wants to build muscles.

Healthier lifestyle will make you happier

You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you want to build muscles. You would have heard all these things umpteen times but now is the time to take an action. Abstain from drinking alcohol, don’t smoke and sleep at proper time if you crave for that healthy and beautiful body.In the end, enlist the help of your friend and family which are your biggest support system and would assist you to stay on track.

Keep these muscle building secrets in mind and become a proud owner of an envious body.

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