Glucose disposal agents (GDAs) are compounds that assist the body in disposing of glucose from the blood stream more effectively. They do so by increasing the uptake of nutrients into cells. Some examples of GDAs include minerals, like chromium, selenium and vanadium; herbs/ spices, like cinnamon, gymnema, fenugreek, and turmeric; and bio-active compounds from certain foods, like alpha lipoic acid.

Glucose disposal agents are generally recommended for diabetics because they help to stabilise their blood sugar levels. However, they are also useful for bodybuilders since they increase the uptake of nutrients into cells. This means they have a ‘cell-volumising effect’ and can help build muscle faster!

Suffice to say that cell volumisation involves storing more water within the muscle cells. It also contributes the most to a muscles’ size because muscles are composed of over 70% water!

The best time to use glucose disposal agents is post-exercise, especially with a protein shake. The post-exercise shake should contain protein (40 grams), carbs (perhaps from honey or some other high glycaemic index source – 30-40 grams), creatine (10 grams), and glutamine (10 grams).

The shake should be mixed in water (not milk) in order to improve absorption into the body and should be taken with some glucose disposal agents. Cinnamon may be added to the shake as well or a glucose disposal agent supplement may be taken in conjunction with the shake. A good example is BCN’s MultiSpice.

The reason why this is such a good time for bodybuilders to use GDAs is simply because after working out their muscles are more predisposed to increasing the uptake of nutrients and by using a GDA as well the cell-volumising effect will be magnified greatly! This means that your ability to build muscle fast will be enhanced!

Using glucose disposal agents with your post-exercise protein shake is a little-known secret used by some of the world’s top bodybuilders and fitness experts. Now you can use it too to achieve even better results from your muscle-building efforts!