People That You Will See in Every Gym

gym buddiesAnyone that has been to a large gym or fitness center knows that these places attract some weird characters. Here are some that I have come across in various gyms that I have attended. You may recognize some of these types at your own gym.

The Chatter – This person is one of the most annoying people in the gym because he carries his phone with him inside the training area. Not only does he talk on it between sets, he is also known to communicate even during his sets, using headphones or one of the god-awful bluetooth devices.

The Cardiho – The cardiho is a female between the age of 22 and 30 who solicits attention from males by dressing incredibly slutty. The worst thing about cardihos is that when a guy checks her out, she bombards them with nasty looks.

Agent Smith – This man performs his entire workout on a Smith Machine, which means you won’t be using it today.

The Exhibitionist – Everyone dreads walking in to the locker room because of this guy. As soon as the exhibitionist enters the locker room, he takes off all of his clothes and only puts them back on immediately before exiting. The exhibitionist is unashamed of his body, not because he is in incredible shape, but because he is at least 60 years old and just doesn’t care anymore.

The Lovebirds – Lovebirds can be described as a couple that works out together. This can be OK if your doing cardio or playing certain sports, but is NOT acceptable when lifting weights. The most amusing thing about lovebirds is that the weight rarely changes as the guy and girl switch off.

The Preacher – The preacher knows the exact way that everyone should work out, and he doesn’t hesitate to make it known. He will often critique you after you complete a set, but will sometimes try to “help out” while you are lifting, which is especially annoying. And in almost every case, the preacher is in no better, and often worse, shape than you are.

The Nostalgic – The nostalgic is the guy who goes around chatting it up with other gym members about how much weight he used to lift, or what he used to look like. Ask him about what he lifts now, and the number is always lower, but he will never fail to give an excuse for why. Knee injuries: the most common excuse.

The Fat/Swole Guy – You can’t tell if this guy is overweight, or muscular, or both, but one thing is for sure: he acts like he owns the gym regardless of his physique. The fat/swole guy will grunt the loudest during sets and is oft to mimick the characteristics of the nostalgic and the preacher.

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