3 Ab Workout Myths That Many People Believe

Today I got back from the gym and while I was there I saw more than 7 people who was wasting their time on ab training that was ineffective. It really blew my mind.

It is really sad, especially how almost everyone that goes to the gym is there to get a flatter stomach or to gain more muscle. But at least 90% of people were really doing the wrong workouts that they should be doing. Doing so they’ll never reach the goals their in search for. Actually, almost every person makes these 3 huge ab workout mistakes and think it’s working, helping them reach their goals.

Myth #1 – You got to do hundreds of crunches or more and a lot of sit ups to be able to burn fat and get yourself flat abs. If you really rely on those boring, back hurting ab crunches and dreaded sit ups to burn off belly fat, you will never lose that nasty belly fat hiding your abs that are waiting to be shown.

You got to do total body workouts to give your abs a good hard workout instead of weak workouts like pathetic sit ups or crunches which do not give your abs enough of an impact to do anything. Workouts like stability ball jackknives or stability ball roll outs are way better and actually deliver an impact to your abs to make a change.

Myth #2 – In only four cheap payments of $29.99, You will be able to buy a magic working six pack abs machine from a late at night infomercial. Haha! I wish that one of those abdominal exercise machines worked at least half as good as those so called experts say. All of those infomercial gadgets do not, repeat, do not burn off belly fat or flatten your stomach for those abs you are craving. All those things do is burn your hard worked money and flatten your wallet, not your stomach.

To be able to get a lot more fat burning results in the least amount of time, you must be using fat burning interval training for at least three times a week for 20 minutes. It is that simple, not no bogus infomercials trying to get your money or boring crunches or sit up that does not do the job.

Myth #3 – You must be doing ab workouts everyday of the week to be able to get six pack abs, not true at all! One of the biggest secrets of the top fat loss trainers is for you to drop repetitive boring ab exercises, and replace them with powerful total body abdominal exercises that you will only need to be doing for a minimum of 20 minutes, three times per week.

You need to include resistance training in your ab exercises that you will be doing, resistance objects like cable crunches or using a weight that you can do 10 – 15 reps per each set of. Also only work your abs out three times a week.

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