Build Muscle Without Weights? No Problem

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Does the fear of becoming the laughing stock of people because of your unshapely body is stopping you from entering a gym? Now your fear can take a back seat as you can now shape up your body and build muscles at the comforts of your home without visiting a health club.

The first thought that would strike your mind is that are we suggesting you to use steroids to build muscles without weights? The answer is NO. You can build muscle without weight by following a muscle building program that is a beautiful amalgamation of work outs and right diet.

The key to build muscles without weights is to first help your body get rid of excess fat by opting for different types of cardio workouts like brisk walking, jogging, swimming, and aerobics or simply put on your favorite music and gyrating to the tunes.

Besides the above cardio exercises that can be done at your convenience here is a list of muscle building exercises that would help you to build muscles without weights, all these exercises should be done 3-5 times in a week:

  • Pushups are one of the best ways to build muscles without weight as these exercises helps in building your shoulder, chest and arms muscles. To perform pushups you should lie on your abdomen with toes curled under and palms resting flat near your chest. You should slowly lift your body up by placing your entire weight on your shoulder and your feet. Now slowly bring your body down but do not place it on the floor. Begin with 10-15 pushups and gradually increase the repetitions of this exercise.
  • Pull ups are recommended for building the muscles of your arms and back. You can perform these exercises simply by installing doorway pull up bars or other bars using which you can lift your body up and tighten your core muscles
  • Squats come next in the list of muscle building exercises that could be done without weights. This exercise is extremely useful in strengthening your thigh and leg muscles. When performing squats care should be taken so that your knees do not cross or you can get injured. Stand with your feet placed at a shoulder length distance. Now gently lower your body as if you are sitting in the chair and your thighs should become parallel to the ground. Slowly return your body to the original position. Repeat this exercise 8-10 times daily.
  • Lunges are another powerful thigh and leg muscle building exercise that can be done without weights. Stand straight with your right foot placed in front. Now place your hands behind your back and slowly bring your right thigh parallel to the floor and bend the left leg so that is touches the floor. Do 10-12 repetitions with right leg and then repeat the process with your left leg.
  • Other exercises that can help you build muscle without weights include abs crunches, calf raises and leg raises. You can also spend time doing yoga and pilates at home that will assist you to build muscles without weights. Besides performing these exercises one should also eat protein rich diets that will you to develop lean muscles.

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