Tricks To Get You to Exercise

woman hikingWhile taking Phen375 diet supplement, it may be tempting to skip all the “hard” stuff … however, the idea is to use these pills as a supplement, not a crutch. The biggest complaint people have about diet pills is all the weight they gain back after going off them.

So, how do you keep your “skinny self” after finishing Phen375? Simple – you have to create healthy new habits while taking them, and continue those habits after finishing them. And the #1 healthy habit you can start right now is … (drum roll) … exercise!

Did you just groan? Did your belly just drop to the floor at the mental image of impossibly skinny girls in Spandex “feeling the burn” for 60 agonizing minutes a day, or of dumbbell reps that make you feel like your arms have been run over by a truck? Trust me, I get that. That was me too, until I found what I like to call my “non-exercise exercise:” swimming.

What’s the trick here? How can exercise be (dare we say it) fun? It’s simple: Your body doesn’t know that you’re moving it around doing something fun rather than doing a boring, painful DVD. To your metabolism, muscles, cardiovascular system and, yes, your fat, moving is moving … period. And though different “non-exercise exercises,” as I like to call them, may produce different specific results (leaner muscles with Pilates, for example, or more fat burn with aerobics), the overall cardiovascular and weight maintenance results tend to be the same.

Any time you’ve had a fun walk with your dog, got down on the floor and tickled your kids for 15 minutes or splashed around in the pool, you’ve been exercising. Yes, really. Here are a few great ways to “trick” your mind into thinking it’s not exercise…and finding a movement program that will work with you for life.

Start a Garden

Gardening works your muscles, improves flexibility and provides you with healthy food choices.I can hear you from all the way over here! “Whaaaaaaaat? Gardening is not exercise.” Wrong. Gardening isn’t usually aerobic. That doesn’t mean it’s not exercise. (And studies are showing more and more that anaerobic – i.e. muscle-building and strengthening – exercise may actually trump aerobics for a longer, all-day metabolic boost).

Carrying trays of plants to your garden, bending down and getting back up again, and using your muscle to dig, plant and weed can be amazingly strengthening consider how little effort it may feel like. It also aids flexibility beautifully.

Be careful if you have stiff joints or arthritis or if you have back problems. Bend from the knees keeping your back tilted just slightly forward, away from the waist. Use knee pads to make things more comfortable, or if you’re not able to kneel completely down, buy a sturdy gardening cart to sit on while you work your magic.

Another plus: all those healthy goodies you’ll be harvesting soon will be great for your waistline.She needs it as much as you do, so get moving with Pooch and see the benefits.

Get a Pet

A dog is your best friend here, because dogs generally require walking at least 2-3 times a day. Dogs are also playful, so you’ll be playing catch and rolling around on the floor frequently with this wonderful pet. Dogs are a big time investment. If you work outside the home for long hours, a dog may not be for you. Remember that man’s best friend is an emotional and very social species. He needs a person there.

If you want to get a dog but won’t be there for him often enough, consider asking a neighbor or friend to check in on Pooch mid-day, or hiring a pet sitter for an hour a day. Some dog breeds are more active than others – and some may actually be too active for your own needs or personality. (Jack Russel terriers, for example, though adorable and iconic, are notoriously super-active and require a huge yard and lots of interaction to be happy).

Try this fun Dog Breed Selector quiz to find out which pup fits the bill for your household. Dogs aren’t the only pets that can get you moving. Cats, for example, can be great fun to play with. Try to judge your pet-to-be’s personality before you buy or adopt him or her. Is she playful? Are her eyes bright and interested? Does she come right up to you in the cage to check you out in a friendly, curious way? On the other hand, if you already own a pet who isn’t particularly active, finding activities for him or her will benefit both of you. Those extra steps will really add up.

Find Ways to Walk More

Want to get in a few more steps a day? Try these easy ways to stretch those legs:

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Not only is this aerobic, it’s great for the gluteal (“butt”) muscles.
  • Park farther away at the store or at work. Leave those closer spaces for the elderly, for pregnant women and for anyone with a mild disability. You’ll be surprised how many times a day you go somewhere and need to park, and how many steps parking at a distance will gain you.
  • Go shopping – be careful, as this may make your wallet leaner too! But wandering around a shopping mall (outdoor malls are great), a flea market or any larger-size indoor store will get your legs moving.
  • Go beach-combing – walking on sand provides resistance to your leg muscles (your calves and thighs in particular) because it’s more difficult to walk on sand than on a paved or hard-earth surface. What, is it exercise time already? Work, work, work…

Have More Sex

Yes, really: sex is both an aerobic and muscle-conditioning venture. It has other rewards, too: having an orgasm produces the release of endorphins, or “feel good” chemicals, and the closeness creates bonding due to oxytocin, the chemical that, interestingly, is also involved in childbirth.

Regular sex produces both body and emotion-improving states over time. And letting your spouse know you love and desire him or her certainly doesn’t hurt either. So get wild, get creative and “work out” in one of the most rewarding ways known to man (and woman)!

You’ll both love getting away from the computer. And the memories are priceless.

Play With Your Kids

Many parents say, “It’s hard for me to be as physical as my kids because I’m older than they are.” Actually, it’s the other way around: as we get older, we feel being really physical is unseemly and unnecessary, so we stop doing “silly,” body-intensive things…which causes our bodies to lose condition and flexibility.

You’ll never be six again, but you can regain some of that vigor simply through playing with your children. Run a race with them bringing the groceries in from the car. Get down on the living room floor and have a tickle contest. Help them sharpen up their soccer skills by kicking a ball around in the front yard.

Nearly everything children do is physical (when you can peel them away from the Wii or the computer, anyway). If you get more physical with your kids, everyone will benefit.There’s so much to your world. Get out there and see it – you’ll love the experience.

Plan a Nature Hike

Walking to nowhere (as a good friend of mine put it) on a treadmill or hoofing the same old ground in a circle around your neighborhood for months on end isn’t much fun. But if you give walking a goal, you’ll find you’re more wrapped up in the experience than in how many steps you’re taking.

Enjoy the seasons by taking walks to different natural places. Take a tote bag with you and collect beautiful leaves, interesting bugs (bring jars for this) and pretty rocks home. These (well, minus the bugs!) make great indoor décor, in fact. My sister has a “season table” which she sets out with different natural treasures every three months.

Take your camera. Snap shots of amazing views. If you’re interested, try bird-watching or animal-spotting (be careful in heavily wooded areas that may house more dangerous species, such as bear; or in areas that may have snakes or scorpions). When you spot your quarry, take a picture. Experiment with various features, such as zoom and macro, to get gorgeous pictures you’ll treasure.

Invite a friend or family member along and you’ll double your fun. He or she will see things you don’t, and vice versa. Pointing out interesting sights along the way makes the time fly by – and no, it won’t feel at all like exercise.

Have Fun!

Now that you have some ideas, have fun with them and make them your own. The point is to gear exercise toward what you like to do, and you’re an individual. Be creative. There are thousands of ways to get up out of your chair and get your body moving – without the pain you’ve probably come to associate with “working out.” Enjoy!

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