Sweet Treats for a Low Cholesterol Diet

healthy dessert

Everyone is concerned about their cholesterol level and due to this many people are not eating some of their favorite foods especially sweets afraid of the bad cholesterol. However, today with the help of the Internet, your doctor, and even your library or local bookstore you can find all kinds of delicious low cholesterol desserts that are sure to make your mouth water. You do not have to give up your sweet treat while watching TV, if you take out some time to find heart healthy and low cholesterol recipes.

A few of the recipes you can find include blueberry tarts, zucchini-banana squares, banana oat breakfast cookie, pineapple pear crisp, cherry pie, chocolate cake, berry cheesecake dessert, and frozen hot chocolate. As you can see, there all recipes that is sure to tame your sweet tooth without raising your cholesterol level.

The main thing to remember when you are searching for something sweet but do not want something high in cholesterol is to watch out for products that have saturated fat. You can enjoy many delicious treats even your favorite as long as learn to read the labels.

Not only should you pay attention to the saturated fats that are in the foods you eat, but also remember that your body needs a certain amount of cholesterol in order to stay healthy. For a person on a 2000-calorie diet, they should consume 300mg of cholesterol per day. No person in the world should totally cut cholesterol out of their diet, unless directed to do so by their physician.

Before giving up all the foods you enjoy, learn what your blood cholesterol level, and go from there. No do not eat everything in sight that is high in cholesterol, this would really be disastrous for you in later years. You should learn to eat healthy which will still provide you with all kinds of opportunities to enjoy all the foods you love while maintaining a heart healthy diet.

Use resources online, at your physician’s office, at the local library, to learn all you can about the difference between good and bad cholesterol, how much cholesterol you should have per day according to your own diet, and of course search for new and exciting recipes that you add to your diet each week.

Experiment with your own recipes. Learn to substitute such things as butter for low cholesterol or no cholesterol margarine. Take the skin off poultry. Do not eat commercial muffins or cookies; bake your own with low cholesterol ingredients. Once you know what to steer clear of, you will be able to create your own scrumptious treats using healthy ingredients that will taste just as great.

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