A Bump Inside The Nose: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

A bump inside the nose is not the most discomforting of situations considering it from the physical angle as well as from the issues that could point to such a condition. 

It would be a very uncomfortable feeling to have something grow in the nasal passages and with most people; they do try their best to get rid of it at the very earliest and not in the most suited method too.  A pimple in the nose as some would tend to call it points to a larger issue at most times and hasty conclusions must not be drawn just by the appearances. 

Most old folks would at best advise a deft pluck with a pair of tweezers to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling and looking protrusion at most times.  But it would be wise that a doctor is consulted if this condition does reoccur and at regular intervals too.  It might well be a pointer to a more serious condition than previously considered.

What Are Causes And Remedies For A Bump Inside The Nose?


  • Causes: This in short is an infected follicle or an aggravated pimple in plain terms. The very dirty nature of nasal passages would make some of the follicles to get aggravated into infected follicles.  The absence of proper hygiene routine is also an added factor in this condition.  But this does not mean that the condition does not occur in people that keep their nasals spic and clean. It is only that the occurrences are still rarer.
  • Symptoms: An initial reddening of the area in the nasal passages followed in most instances by a small sensation is what gives the first signs. With most people, they tend to ignore this stage or that an attack is launched on the culprit with tweezers.  Thus we have a condition that only aggravates the situation.
  • Treatment: It is best desired that the first signs of an infected follicle, the area is washed with plain warm water. This helps in two ways. It clears the area of dirt and also improves the blood flow to the area.  Thus ameliorating the condition a great deal.  A dermatologist is to be consulted to ensure that the condition is contained locally without further damage.
  • Prevention: It is always a good step to keep clean nasal paths. This is particularly important for people that work in dust and soot.  The overall maintenance of clean passages would ensure lesser infections not just of the follicles but the general health as well.

Nasal Polyps

  • Causes: Nasal polyps are the direct result of inflamed mucus membranes of the nose. The inflamed sinuses too contribute to the formation of the condition in a number of people.  In case the situation last longer than 12 weeks then the condition is said to be chronic and definitely needs medical attention.
  • Symptoms: A general reddening followed by runny nose is what the first signs of nasal polyps give out. Often the use of nasal saline solutions does not produce any changes to the condition and this would warrant a more specialized attention.  The more acute conditions can cause the loss of sense of smell and taste. There can also be pain in the upper half of the mouth in a few cases.  All this points to the differing severity of the condition and must not be missed out.  A medical practitioner must be presented with all the symptoms to affect a total and complete diagnosis.
  • Treatment: It is customary to clean out the area around the polyp and to maintain a general sense of hygiene. Some people would have a greater secretion of mucus and such persons must take care to maintain a minimum level of cleanliness at all times.  Frequent use of saline nasal drops must be resorted to in very serious outbreaks of the condition. As far as concerned the polyps must be contained to the local area that they appeared in and not spread to other areas of the nose.
  • Prevention: Different people have differing activities of the mucus membranes and glands of the eye and nose. It is a good doctor that advised how best to keep clean passages and the need to use a steam inhalation to keep the spaces infection free and in good condition at all times.

Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis

  • Causes: This condition is caused by the bursting of blood vessels in the nose or the nasal passages. A blood clot that is thus formed does give rise to the condition and is never fatal.  Most young children are particularly susceptible to the condition.  This would probably due to the tender nature of the linings of the nose in young children.
  • Symptoms: The first signs that a person with the condition displays is a bleeding nose. It could be at times be copious bleeding or in a number of cases a red spot on a hanky applied to the nose. The quantum of bleeding need not point to the severity of the condition and in more or less just a pointer to the condition.   More serious conditions of a person can be in instances of bleeding nose followed by headaches and loss of vision. Thus this is not a condition to be termed minor and sufficient attention must be given to a stricken person.
  • Treatment: The first step that a person has to follow in case of a bleeding nose is to look upward. This tends to stem the flow of blood and bring the situation under control.  It does help to apply a cold pack on the nose and also to apply pressure to the area as well.  In most instances the first need to stop the bleeding in more situational rather than any rule as such.
  • Prevention: There could not be anything termed as preventive in this condition. The bleeding of the nose can happen to anyone and there really in no disruptive force or agent that can set off a bleeding. Young children must be particularly protected against smelling very pungent odors.

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