Bleeding From Ear: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Results

bleeding ear

There could not be a more disconcerting time than to find blood oozing from the ear. Although a bleeding ear could signify many factors, it is best advised that a firsthand assessment is done for the condition.

Bleeding from ear is not the best of scenarios as it is in close proximity to the head and other vital organs like the nose, brain, etc.

Any typical bleeding points to a ruptured blood vessel and there are a lot of instances when it could mean just a simple condition. It is thus important to identify and localize the immediate cause of a bleeding from the year and for that matter bleeding in any part of the body.

Causes Of Bleeding From Ear

Ruptured Eardrum: This could well be the very first cause of blood oozing out of the ear. It is important to first confirm that it is indeed so and first aid steps be initiated to isolate and restrict the damage. It is also possible that an introduction of some form of external body did cause the damage to the ear drum, like an ear swab.

If there is something sticking out of the ear, it is good that the offending element is removed gently without disturbing the ear in any manner.

Fractured Skull: One of the first signs that a skull has been fractured is the appearance of blood in the eardrum. This can often be followed by a headache and in a number of serious occasions for the person to lose consciousness. If a bloodied ear is accompanied by serious problems to balance oneself then it could be a more serious condition of the ear.

Polyps: It is possible that a person can develop polyps in the ear canal. These are nothing but tiny fleshy growths that are normally seen in different parts of the body and only that it has come about in the ear this time.

The polyps can be damaged due to physical pulls and pushes that normally is carried out to have them dislodged. This would be a rather foolhardy thing to do and is not advisable under any circumstances. If serious bleeding were to occur, it is best to apply pressure and to have the person taken to a hospital.

High Fever: There are instances of high fever that could have bleeding ears associated with it. This is particularly common among children and is a sign that the brain needs to cool. The step to be followed is to lower the body heat by applying a cold press to the head or the general body.

Some Common Ways Of Treating Ear Bleeding

It is of prime concern that the bleeding in any circumstances must be stopped quickly. This can be done by applying pressure and at times by using a cold compress. It is also important that the area around the ear is kept as clean as possible.

It might be prudent to apply a bit of alcohol as it would act as a sterilizing agent. The common after shave that is usually found in any bathroom cabinet would do for most purposes.

Whatever be the situation, it is important that the person is kept immobile and allowed to lie down for some time as sudden loss of blood or blood pressure can cause giddiness and fainting.

Common Results That Follow Ear Bleeding

The phenomenon of bleeding from the ear is not to be taken lightly. But it is a trained hand that can decide the causes and possible treatment for any condition whether internal or external. Listed out are some long term effects due to bleeding from the ears.

Language Difficulty: If a more serious damage to the brain and the person has occurred, then it is bound to show itself in the form of difficulty in speaking. A person that spoke fluently could display stutters and stammers. In case this symptom is shown by anyone, then it is best advised a proper attention and care is accorded as the situation is not normal.

Hearing Loss: Most instances of damages to the ear are given out as bleeding ears. Thus that blood came out of the ears is a sign that the ear drums were affected. The extent of damage can get to decide the extent and degree of hearing loss. It is thus advised to refer the person to a medical facility as complex tests need to be performed to determine the damage.

Ringing Ear: It is possible that someone that had blood oozing out of the ear has gone on to complain of ringing noise in the ear. This could point to imbalance in the fluids or that the balancing function of the inner tubes of the ear is affected.

There are a number of instances when the ringing did no further harm to the person and they could lead a normal life as anyone else. But this can only be ascertained by a trained doctor and should not be attempted by ordinary folks.

Headaches: When people that have had headaches often after having experienced bleeding ears, it is a wise thing to have a proper check up done. The occurrence of frequent headaches, point to a greater malaise than otherwise thought and would at times need specialized care. Often the headaches are followed by bouts of delirium which can mean a far more serious condition than previously considered.

Balancing Problems: People that have had bleeding ears at times complain of difficulty in maintain a erect posture. This is a problem that is associated with the inner ear and needs the attention of a specialist. A good ENT specialist should be able to get to the root of any imbalance and a remedy offered.

It is usually a very frightening experience to have the entire room or the place the person is in to rotate around. But the condition is more frightful in appearance than in reality. The cure is just a simple medication but the proper reading of the situation with the right degree of the condition is a must to any successful treatment.

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