Feel Like Something Is Stuck In My Throat

throat healthWhenever you “feel something is stuck in my throat”, I suggest you try to calm you mind and think of a practical solution to cure it.

Simplest of instances could be food or a fruit seed that you may have accidentally swallowed while eating. Complex cases could be heartburn, indigestion, swollen glands or tonsillitis.

So you need to identify the right cause before attempting to get treatment. The first solution you can try is to drink plenty of water. Deep gargle in your throat and spit out the water. The thing stuck in your throat might just come out.

Here are some of the simple methods you can try at home for other problems before seeing your doctor.

Feel Like Something Is Stuck In My Throat – Antibiotics And Treatment

Throat Infection

  • Causes: Throat infection could be caused by bacteria and fungus. The source could be water or the foods you might have eaten the night before. The degeneration of food within your intestine before digestion can cause the feeling of blockage.
  • Symptoms: Difficulty in swallowing, breathlessness, nausea and vomiting sensation are some of the common symptoms.
  • Treatment: Consult your doctor and take an antibiotic. This should cure your problem of throat infection. The home treatment for throat infection is simple. Take one spoon of turmeric powder and mix it in one cup of hot milk. Add half spoon of garlic and heat the milk. Drinking this twice a day can help in curing the throat infection.
  • Prevention: Avoid food and water from unhygienic sources. Drink plenty of water. Oral health maintenance with proper brushing and cleaning of the tongue can help prevent the condition. Buy the OTC throat cleaner and gargle regularly. This will help in removing the bacteria from your throat.

Throat Inflammation

  • Causes:  Throat inflammation could be caused by hot food and liquid, stress or infection. The origin of stress could be tour lifestyle, smoking excess of alcohol or the acidic foods.
  • Symptoms:  Difficulty in talking, swallowing, and sometime even breathing. Nausea and vomiting sensation are some of the common symptoms.
  • Treatment: Drink plenty of water to deflate the inflammation. An antibiotic will also help in healing. Add one spoon of Aloe with one spoon of ginger and garlic to half glass of water. Warm the water and gargle. This will help in healing the inflammation.
  • Prevention:  Avoid hot food and liquids. Stop eating food from unhygienic sources. Avoid stress.


  • Causes:  The main cause of tonsillitis is viral infection. The sensation of blockage can become critical when you don’t consume enough water. This can cause the throat inflammation, causing trouble in swallowing.
  • Symptoms:  Inability to swallow food and liquid, irritation and pain in the throat and constant feeling of dryness are some of the common symptoms.
  • Treatment:  Consult your doctor to get the right antibiotic for tonsillitis. If the intensity is critical, you might need to go for minor surgery to get rid of the excess growth. If it is due to infection, you can try the home remedy given here. Take one spoon of sea salt and mix it in half glass of warm water gargle and spit out. It can eliminate the deposition of dead bacteria from your throat. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices.
  • Prevention:  oral health and hygiene is the only way in which you can prevent the onslaught of infections due to tonsillitis.


  • Causes:  The growth of small sacs within the internal areas of throat can cause Diverticula. The effects of these sacs are not known immediately. It can take weeks, often months before you will be able to feel the congestion.
  • Symptoms: Frequent throat blocks with cough and nausea is a common symptom of Diverticula. The pain starts to grow slowly from the innermost parts of the throat and spread till the tongue.
  • Treatment: Consulting the doctor for antibiotic is the best way to heal Diverticula. He may clean the congestions with the help of an antibiotic liquid. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices to get some relief from the pain and irritation. Drinking a glass of warm milk with half spoon of turmeric powder and garlic can help in removing the bacterial deposition to some extent.
  • Prevention:  Since the cause of Diverticula is relatively unknown, the exact method of prevention is also not clear. But oral health and hygiene is suggested as one method of prevention.

Esophageal webs

  • Causes:  The growth of tissues within the inner walls of the throat is the cause of esophageal webs. This is said to be a condition which could be inherited or developed at the time of birth.
  • Symptoms:  Frequent throat blockage leading to nausea and vomiting. Inability to swallow and breathe can happen occasionally. When the conditions turn critical the symptoms might appear frequently. This is the time for you to visit your doctor and get the treatment immediately.
  • Treatment:  Complete clearing of the tissues through medical/surgical procedure is the only option which works. You can try salt water gargling to remove the fluid and mucus deposition from the throat. Drinking a glass of warm milk with half spoon of turmeric powder and garlic can help in removing the bacterial deposition to some extent.
  • Prevention:  Since the cause of is Esophageal webs seems to be congenital, the exact method of prevention is also not clear.

Other Causes

The other probable causes could be tumor, Esophageal Spasm and other forms of infections. If the home remedy doesn’t help in solving the problem in one or two days, you should seek medical help immediately.

Even in conditions where the initial symptoms seem to be critical you have to consult your doctor and opt for the right kind of medication, treatment or surgical procedure as required. You will be able to get the best solution to your problem in an efficient and effective manner.

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