Fast And Reliable Ways To Get Water Out Of Your Ear

water in the earClogging of water in the ears can be a painful experience. The ways to get water out of your ear can provide you with fast and reliable solutions. You might get this problem while showering, after getting drenched in rain and while swimming.

Your first experience is temporary loss of hearing. The next probable effect is loss of body balance. You might feel a weird sensation that makes you highly uncomfortable and irritated.

Once you have cleared the water from your ear you need to dry the ear tube with the help of a cotton cloth. Avoid applying excess of pressure as it can cause permanent damages to the ear.

Ways To Get Water Out Of Your Ear – Simple Solutions

  • Ear Lobe Rattling: This is one of the simplest solutions, which you can find to take the water out. Sometimes it might work immediately. Most of the times you might feel like inserting a finger into the ear while doing it. Experts recommend you avoid it. It is because your finger can block the easy passage of water. Instead, you can simply bend your ear sideways and shake your head continuously. It is almost like trying the take the last drops of sausage from a semi-opened bottle. Tap the other ear gently with your palm to mask the flow faster and easier. However, here is a word of caution. You have to follow this procedure immediately after the sensation of water entering your ear. Any delay can make the exercise ineffective.
  • Using Your Palm: This is a highly effective and efficient technique. Lie down with your blocked ear facing the ground. Use your palm to wrap the ear completely. Press for a few seconds until you create complete vacuum. You might not be able to hear anything now at all. Hold it for a few seconds and release abruptly. You can almost feel the water droplets coming out of the ear. Repeat three to four times until the water flows out completely. Make an action of swallowing the saliva in your mouth. This will automatically clear the water and the block. You will start hearing clearly.
  • Using Ear Buds:  You can use the ear buds for clearing out the water congestion in your ear. For this you need to bend the blocked ear towards the ground and insert the bud gently in. Be careful while clearing since you may end up blocking the ear completely. This is because the ear wax can combine with the water droplets to form a thick paste. Then you will need other methods to clean up the combination. Using the ear bud gently probe the spot where you can feel the water clogging. Once you are able to clear the path the water will flow out.
  • Using Eucalyptus Oil: Eucalyptus oil is a strong antioxidant. It is effective in clearing the waste accumulation in the nose and ear. You need to add one teaspoon of the oil to few drops of coconut oil. Then you can take an ear bud and probe gently into the ear after dipping it into the mix. Start cleaning slowly until you reach the spot of water clogging. Then you will be able to clear out the waste and water completely.
  • Inhaling Fumes: You have to take two spoons of eucalyptus oil and add it to a bowl of hot steaming water. Then you can inhale the fumes through your mouth by covering your head with a cotton cloth over the bowl. This will help in draining the water into the throat from the ears. This might take relatively longer time compared to the other methods. However, it will also clear out the waste in the ear.
  • Using Olive Oil: You have to take one spoon of olive oil in a bowl. Dip an ear bud into the oil and clean the internal parts of your ear. You need to take out the waste wax which is trapping the water inside your ear. You can do it slowly by removing the waste wax.
  • Using Warm Press: You can use steam to wet a piece of cloth and apply it to the external surface of the blocked ear. Press until the cloth has created a vacuum in your ear and then release abruptly. This will help in the complete removal of water.
  • Using Hydrogen Peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful antioxidant, which can completely clear out all the waste and water from your ears. Take two or three drops in the ear bud and probe the blocked region. You need to clean slowly and deliberately. Start from the point of blocking and rotate the bud in clockwise direction. Meanwhile you need to void mixing of the waste with water. After trying for about a couple of minutes, you can feel the water flowing out from the ear.

Advanced Methods

In some instances, the simple methods might not work in clearing the water. Then you need advanced methods.

  • Using Ear Drops:  OTC eardrops can help in clearing the water and the waste in your ear. It can also eliminate the bacterial depositions. Alcohol based ear drops are highly effective. They can instantly clear up the entire waste and water deposition.
  • Using Steam: For this you will need a steam blower. Adjust the pressure level within the minimum range and blow the steam into the blocked ear. Make sure you don’t expose the ear to the steam for more than 3 to 4 seconds. You will be able to remove the water from the ear completely.


You need to wear the proper sized earplugs whenever you are swimming or going out in the rain. Of you can’t literally avoid water while showering. But you can use cotton plugs to cover the ears.

Note: Avoid using sharp objects like pen, pencil or sticks with cotton. This can cause serious damages to the sensitive hair follicles within the inner parts and result in permanent hearing loss.

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