Pimple In The Ear: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

pimple ear healthThere can be no disputing the efficacy of natural remedies that most of our elders have ready for certain conditions.

Of particular mention must be made here of the natural cures that are used in treating pimple in the ear that can be common in most teens going through a hormone flush.

Not only are the natural remedies good at removing a malignant condition it does rebalance the fine equations that body constituents like the hormones and the amino acids play.  Thus a natural remedy could just be what is so needed to handle a particularly bad incident of pimples occurring in the passage of the ear or on the outside of the ear.

Simple Reasons And The Remedy From Pimple In The Ear

Hormonal Imbalance

  • Cause: Most hormonal imbalance occur in people of a certain age particularly the teens when the body adjusts the levels of hormones to bring about a transition from childhood to full adult state. The sudden boost of hormones brings about an imbalance that normally gets stabilized into adulthood as more stabilized conditions occur.  There are also times in the old age as the body functions slow down that creates a mismatch of hormones.  The end result in both these scenarios is that the hormonal levels are imbalanced or not in proportion to their needs.
  • Symptoms: The primary symptom is the occurrence of red or pink patches on the cheek and neck of the person. It is also possible that the oil production of the skin particularly the face also increases.  This brings about pimples typically called acne that get to form across the face and neck and a very severe attack of the acne can manifest itself as pimples formed in the ear.
  • Treatment: First and foremost the face and neck must be kept clean at all times. This can be done with a good wash from time to time but contrary to popular thought it is best advised to do it with cold water and never hot water.  The hot or warm water could only lead to the opening of the skin pores leading to increased discharge of oils leading to further clogging of the follicles.
  • Prevention: The most effective action is to steam the area of the neck and face at least twice a day in the morning and in the late evenings before retiring for the day. This should be taken as a bare minimum and must be adhered to religiously.  It does help to control the sugar intake and to take in a lot of greens; in the form of salads or as vegetable dishes.


  • Causes: The single most reason that an allergy is formed by the body is due to the incompatibility of the body to certain food or certain types of material in contact with the body. With different people and body types it is common to have certain adverse reactions and this is what leads to allergies in the first place.
  • Symptoms: The very first sign of an allergy is the reddening of an area of skin in the case of skin problems. There could also be a certain change in the sensation of the affected area to touch.  The symptoms that most people display towards an allergen are typically unique to a person.  In most instances the severity of the reaction is seen to vary with different body types and conditions as well.
  • Treatment: With skin issues, the normal practice is to tackle the problem symptomatically. With different types of allergies the reaction to treatment too varies.  But it is generally seen that the removal of the offending matter does bring on immediate relief.  But in cases when the offending matter cannot be completely removed corrective steps need to be taken.
  • Prevention: The most effective method to combating an allergy is to identify and remove from the person’s presence the cause of the allergy. The points of contact of the material are clearly identified and direct contact of the matter is minimized.

Ear Buds

  • Causes: It is the common practice to use cotton ear buds to clean and clear the ear canal. The thorough cleaning action that the bud provides ensures that a complete cleaning is effected at most times.  There are also cleaning agents that are applied to the cotton buds to ease the cleaning action.  The seemingly harmless nature of the buds makes this a very common application with people.  It is possible that the skin in the ear canal could get infected by the abrasions and scratches formed by the cotton swabs.
  • Symptoms: The first sign that the cotton swab has not agreed with the ear linings is a slight burning sensation that is felt in the ear canal. This happens soon after a cleaning session and must be attended to quickly.  In more serious instances there could be bleeding of the ear due to the damage to the ear linins as well.
  • Treatment: With the first onset of a burning sensation in the ear must be to ensure that there are no parts of the swab left over in the passage way. After this, some smoothening solution can be applied along with a disinfectant that would serve the purpose of ensuring that the infections are kept to the minimum. Only in the case of a confirmed flesh wound must a proper dressing be applied to the area and in such cases the help of a qualified doctor must be enlisted to be safe.
  • Prevention: It is rather a common practice to use cotton swabs to clean out an ear canal. But proper care in ensuring that large pressures than necessary are not applied would keep the action safe and clean. It is rather a popular misconception that a larger pressure would create a better cleaning action.  If particularly had deposits are to be cleaned out the expertise of a competent medical personnel must be enlisted.

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