Sore Throat On One Side: Causes, Treatments And Prevention

sore throatThe unexpected impact of sore throat on one side can be highly painful and frustrating. You might have tried consuming many painkillers to get temporary relief. You may have got relief for the moment, but the pain has always returned to haunt you.

These symptoms belong to tonsils, thyroid, infections, lymph nodes, chronic fatigue, throat ulcer, sinus and many others.

Proper diagnosis and tests are the only methods by which the right causes can be determined. This will also lead to the right treatments using the proper methods. Once you start the regular treatment, you can also take alternate home remedies to heal the pain and keep it under control.

One-sided sore throat can also occur due to allergic reactions to the climatic changes, living environment and minor infections. On such occasions, you will be able to opt for home remedies to heal the pain. You can also use the home based remedies for effective prevention of the infections and illnesses in the long term. You will also need to adopt some of the protective measures specified here.

Sore Throat On One Side – Causes, Symptoms, Treatments And Prevention


  • Causes: This is the inflammation of the adenoids and the tonsils. It happens mainly due to the reduced immunity. In some instances, the extra growth of the tonsils can also result in pain on one side of the throat. Infectious bacteria, resulting in one sided throat pain, could also cause it.
  • Symptoms: Severe pain on one side (sometimes it can result in headache, left or right ear pain) followed by feverish conditions. Nausea and vomiting sensations are common. This may also lead to the formation of pus within the interiors of the tonsils. Difficulty in breathing and swallowing is another common symptom.
  • Treatment: External cold application like ice cubes can provide temporary relief. Usage of salt water for gargling can remove the infectious elements to a considerable extent. This can also enhance the recovery from infections. The other known remedy for pain relief is the footbath with hot water. The nerves leading to the throat get soothing. When the pain is due to the extra growth of tonsils, the doctors can remove the extra growth through biopsy. Then you can opt for home remedies. It is very important for you to consume smoothies (pomegranate, watermelon and apple). This will help in the healing of the operated part of the tonsils.
  • Prevention: Avoid smoking and reduce the alcohol consumption. Protect your nose and ear from dust and infectious elements.

Lymph Node Swelling

  • Causes: Enlargement of the lymph node (connecting point between the throat and jaw) can also lead to soar single side sore throat. Most common cause is the bacterial infections. The enlargement of the node in the neck region can also cause the sore throat.
  • Symptoms: Severe pain in the throat, neck, head and ear. You may also experience pain in the jaw areas. Nausea and vomiting sensations are common. Sometimes it can result in fluid formation in the ear. Difficulty in breathing and swallowing is another common symptom.
  • Treatment: Salt water gargling is the most commonly used home remedy. You need to repeat the procedures three to four times during the day. Mix one spoon of garlic powder, one spoon of honey, one spoon of Aloe Vera juice and one spoon of vitamin C syrup in a bowl. Gargle in your throat for the first two times and spit it out. Then you can drink the rest. This will help in elimination of the infectious elements during gargling and later. Hot press for the affected part of the neck region will help in reducing the swelling and pain considerably.
  • Prevention: Drink plenty of water during the daytime. It would be better if you could drink one glass after very hour. This will help in elimination of the toxic elements from your body. Honey and chamomile tea consumption can prevent the infections. Keep your surroundings free from dust, molds and moisture.


  • Causes: Laryngitis is a form of vocal cord infection. The cause could be common infections like flue, cold and bacterial attacks. In many instances, the pain and the discomfort can last for a couple of weeks.
  • Symptoms: Change of voice, throat blocks, pain, and difficulty in speaking, swallowing and breathing are some of the common symptoms.
  • Treatment: Initially you can combine the procedures of warm press and salt water gargling as the effective treatment. The combination of garlic and pepper powder with honey can help in the healing. Add one spoon of basal powder, one spoon of garlic powder and small quantity of menthol to hot water. Inhale the fumes three to four times during the day and before going to bed. This will help in providing relief for a long time.
  • Prevention: You can only avoid the onslaught of flue and cold for extended period. Practically speaking, flu and cold are common among everyone. Wear nose and mouth protection while driving and moving around polluted environment. Avoid unhygienic foods and water. Drink plenty of pure water early in the morning. Consume antioxidant fruits like pomegranate and apples.

Sore Throat – Lifestyle Changes

  • Clothes: Wear warm cloths during winter and fall. Headscarf is a very important part of your garment. Cover your feet with protective shoes and socks. Avoid wetting of shoes in the rain. If your shoes get wet, ensure you remove them and dry your feet.
  • Massage:  Regular massaging of neck, chest and back with menthol, eucalyptus oil and chamomile oil can reduce the probability of infections. Hot press for the neck region is also useful.
  • Inhalation: Mix one spoon of menthol, one spoon of garlic powder and one spoon of honey to hot water and inhale regularly after returning from work. This will help in the elimination of conditions leading to single side sore throat.

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