Why Do My Ears Get Hot: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention

women with hot earIf you have ever wondered “why do my ears get hot”, here are a few tips can be useful.

The result of physiological and psychological stress can cause the redness. Infections from bacteria and fungi, excess of heat, fever, hormonal imbalance, medicines and red ear syndrome are the other common causes.

When you get stressed emotionally you can observe your ears turning red, giving you feeling of irritation and burning sensation. The treatment for physiological conditions can be done through home remedies.

Why Do My Ears Get Hot – Common Causes And Treatments


  • Causes:  Ear Infection is caused by external pathogens that spread though air. The condition can result in redness of the ear due to impure blood in the Subcutis blood vessels that connect to skin layers. Skin cells and tissues in the ear start perishing and die away. Soon it results in lumps of dead and hardened skin layers all over the ear. The bacteria affect proteins and plasma including live and active connecting cells between ear and the connecting tissues with the head.
  • Symptoms:  Red hot ear with constant itching and irritation. The redness may last for few hours or many days depending on the intensity of the infection.
  • Treatment:  Use of antibiotics produces cure when the infection is detected in the initial stages. Consistent medication and treatment from ENT specialists is the only method of healing the ear from this sort of infection.
  • Prevention:  Avoid exposure to external environment by wearing ear protection. Clean your ears regularly with anti-infection liquid.

Hormonal Imbalance

  • Causes:  Thyroid hormone imbalance can often lead to red ears. The other conditions can occur during menstrual times, pregnancy and menopause.
  • Symptoms:   Constant pain in the ear and throat region is often accompanied with irritation and burning sensation. You might face problems in swallowing food and water.
  • Treatment: Consultations and treatment from your doctor is the best way to bring about hormonal balance in your body. You might apply cold press to get some relief from the pain and irritation.
  • Prevention:  Monitor the health conditions of your ears regularly and consult tour doctor whenever the red hot condition becomes severe. As of today there is no reliable preventive care for red hot ears due to hormonal imbalance. You can take advice from your doctor about the control in your diet to prevent the symptoms to certain extent.

UV And Sun Exposure

  • Causes:  Excess exposure to UV radiation results in generation of free radicals in the skin. These free radicals are can cause variation in the skin composition in the epidermis and dermis layer of the skin in your ear. This process can form additional bonding with oxidizing elements in free radicals. It causes the cells and tissues to go red in color. The cause could also be due to UV radiation effects on the blood vessels within the ears.
  • Symptoms:  Red ears with constant irritation and feeling of burning sensation around the ears is the most common symptom.
  • Treatment:  Apply a mix of sandalwood paste, honey and lemon juice in the ratio of 1:1:1. Let the paste soak the ears for 10 to 15 minutes before washing with pure cold water. You can repeat the procedure twice in a day to get the effects of UV ration removed from the ears. However, this treatment can be useful when the condition is in the initial stages. If you don’t find any solution through this method, you will need to consult your doctor and get the proper treatment.
  • Prevention:  Avoid direct exposure to sun during the day. You can ear protection device whenever you go out. Apply sun screen regularly. Cooling your ears with a combination of sandalwood paste and honey can reduce the symptoms to great extent. It can also prevent the reaction of free radicals due to the excess exposure to sun and UV.

Red Ear Syndrome

  • Causes:  The red ear syndrome is a disease which can cause the redness in your ears for a long time. This could be due to inflammation of blood vessels within the ears. Certain types of allergens and bacteria can also cause the ear to go red.
  • Symptoms: The symptoms can include constant irritation and burning sensation of the skin. Frequent headache, nausea and coughing can be the other symptoms.
  • Treatment:  You need to consult your doctor and take the proper antibiotics to heal the symptoms of the syndrome. Cold press with ice cubes can be one of the temporal remedies. Applying a combination of sandalwood paste and honey can reduce the symptoms to great extent.
  • Prevention: You need to avoid all the triggering points that lead to the syndrome. Wearing the ear protection plugs can help in avoiding exposure to infections.


  • Causes: The side effects of some medications and drugs can make your ear get hot. In most cases it is associated with medicines for diabetes, hypertension, heart disease etc.
  • Symptoms:  Constant irritation in the interiors of the ears with redness in the external area is one of the symptoms. In some cases it may lead to formation of thick layers of waste within the ear tube. Hardening of this layer due to drying can make the ear become red hot in color.
  • Treatment:  Consult your doctor and take the proper treatment to heal the symptoms. In most cases he will clean the waste wax formation which gives relief to considerable extent. Cold press with ice cubes can be one of the temporal remedies. Applying a combination of sandalwood paste and honey can reduce the symptoms to great extent.
  • Prevention: Consult your doctor before consuming any of the medicine. Explain about your health condition and ask him to prescribe only those medicines which are not allergic with your skin. This approach will help in keeping the red hot conditions away from your ears.

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