4 Factors That Cause Men’s Hair Loss

Men today have started losing hair as early as 20’s. Where most guys are becoming conscious about their looks, their hair are not cooperating. According to The Times Magazine, falling hair is the top most concern of men. It affects their appearance and makes them look much older.

There are around 40 million bald men in US who spend about more than $1 billion dollars annually over shampoos, hair pieces, lotions, pills and follicle transplants. According to renowned Swedish hair specialist Dr. Fred Zuli and Italian scientist Dr. Flavio Ferrari there are 4 main enemies of beautiful, lustrous hair in men.

1.  Stress

What a Mess!

Many guys take stress lightly but the premature onset of baldness tells us that something has gone terribly wrong. When we experience stress, our body releases cortisol in blood that attacks hair oils and cause hair to leave the root.

According to Dr. Ferrari “While genetics play a centric role in balding, a stressful lifestyle plays havoc”. Some common stress factors are; extreme mental injury, physical stress, lack of proper sleep, mal-nutrition and/or food poisoning.

Stress experienced hair shedding begins to show within three months. So it’s good that you jog your memory to pinpoint the exact event.

2.  Pollution

Do I need to call on a “Saving Earth” activist to inform us how exposed we are to pollutants? I HOPE NOT. 

Pollution, a cause we often laugh at, actually not only gives us lung cancer but according to Telegraph also sends men bald.

Recently, the most read newspaper, reported a study conducted by University of London according to which, “toxins and carcinogens found in polluted air builds oxidative pressure and interfere with hair growing process by blocking the production of keratin from which the hair are made”. Experts say that any pollutant which can get into our bloodstream or skin can cause stress to the hair follicle and impair its ability to form hair fiber.

3.  Nutrition

“Eat Vegetarian Live Barbarian!”

For men it is okay to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair a day. According to trichologist Dr. Apoorva Shah, serious hair loss – medically known as alopecia – indicates that our body is deficient in something important.

The new adage is, “You are what you eat”. Doctors believe that by eating healthy, people can reduce hair shedding in almost 80% of cases. Green tea for example is rich in antioxidants that block conversion of testosterone into DHT- an unwanted compound that attacks hair follicles with vengeance and seize them.

Hair are made up of protein called Keratin. People who eat protein deficient diet don’t give enough to spare for hair. Our body uses the available protein for other, more important purposes like: rebuilding cells, muscle strengthening etc. Although it’s odious for men to leave their barbarian habits they are so proud of, but remember guys these are desperate times.

4. Genetics

Why Me? What can I say? Go ask your grandparents.

There is 4 in 7 chance of catching baldness genes. In bald scalps damned by genetics, DHT initiates follicular miniaturization, a process in which hair follicles begin to deteriorate. As a result, the growth phase (anagen) is shortened, and young, un-pigmented hair die before growing into deeply rooted lustrous hair.

Men’s Hair Loss – What You Can Do?

  • Use fortifying Conditioners with keratin to protect against pollution.
  • Stay away from stress and let the bosses scold and peers gossip. Just maintain cool.
  • Stop Smoking. Yup, hard to digest but true because the carbon mono-oxide you take in cuts oxygen supply to hair.
  • Minimize Booze. Alcohol sucks in all the iron and zinc, ultimately killing hair follicles. It also causes dehydration. Since our hair are one-fourth water, overindulgence in alcohol can leave them brittle.Eat healthy fish, spinach, almonds, walnuts, tofu and milk.
  • Take supplements. What we recommend is clinically proven Provillus. This supplement feeds all the right vitamins, zinc, magnesium, and iron to your hair.

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