4 Ways to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus, often regarded as only an aesthetic problem, can be difficult to cure. There are several reasons why you need a cure for toenail fungus, being looks just one. A gross looking toenail is embarrassing, but avoiding pain, permanent nail deformation, and even serious health problems, like opportunistic infections, are some other most important reasons to seek cure for toenail fungus.

Toenail fungus is difficult to cure for two reasons: Fungi generally have a very good resistance to treatment, and in toenail fungus case, the nail itself acts as a protection. It provides the toenail fungus with both food and shelter at the same time.

How to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus

Before enumerating the options to cure toenail fungus, a word of caution. Some people recommend home remedies as a cure for toenail fungus. Beware. Whilst some of these remedies do have some anti-fungal action, real toenail fungus cure is very rare, to say the least, using these methods. Some of these so called toenail fungus cures only disguise the problem (for example, lightening the spot’s color, without killing the fungus), while others not even that, simply keep delaying real treatment and cure.

In fact, almost every product in our homes have been said to cure toenail fungus, from mouthwash to beer! And there are even those that go as far as recommending potentially dangerous things, like, believe it or not, drinking your own urine as a cure for toenail fungus! You’d better stay away from home remedies, as a cure for toenail fungus.

So, real world cures for toenail fungus are as follows:

  • Laser Treatment as a cure for toenail fungus

Laser is the fastest treatment, boasts a very high toenail fungus cure success rate (around 90%), and there’s no need for any special care after the treatment. On the negative side, it’s the most expensive (one treatment can set you back for $1,200.00), and it’s not widely available. The treatment is applied to all toenails, to prevent migration of infection. Although it doesn’t burn you, some patients have reported feeling a rather unpleasant heat. And you have got to remember, there’s no guarantee of cure.

  • Surgical Nail Removal as a cure for toenail fungus

In some rare cases, a doctor might prescribe a surgical nail removal. This might partially or completely remove the infected nail. You’ll have to take care of the wound, which takes about two weeks to heal. And a new toenail takes at least 12 months to grow completely. It does not guarantee cure, the new toenail may get the fungus, for example, from the surrounding skin. Price varies, but it’s the second most expensive.

  • Oral Medication as a cure for toenail fungus

It’s the easiest cure for toenail fungus, just take a pill, and let it work. However, oral medication to treat toenail fungus can be very toxic to internal organs, mainly the liver. Not everybody can take it. Somewhat pricey. It has a very low success rate (50%). Avoid, if you can.

  • Topical Solution as a cure for toenail fungus

This is undoubtedly the cure for toenail fungus most widely and easily available to everyone, since you can even order it from your computer. It’s also the safest, with virtually no side effects. And, like the proverbial cherry on top of the cake, it’s also a toenail fungus cure with a very high success rate, with the best products being around 80%.


If you do not have a medical reason to undergo surgery, and don’t want to spend a small fortune in a laser treatment, the topical solution is, by far, your best option to cure toenail fungus. We highly recommend Funginix.

Funginix is the world’s best topical solution for toenail fungus cure, since it has the greatest success rate amongst topical solutions, coupled with the best price! Do you want more? OK, it also has the best client support, and a 60 day guarantee!

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