Green Nail Fungus: Treatment And Prevention

Nail Fungus TreatmentHave you seen that green signal on your nails known as the green nail fungus? Do not ignore that. The green coloring on your nails is another indication of fungal infection.  This type of fungus is usually described as the mold-pseudomonas bacteria, which is produced by pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria.

Mold-pseudomonas bacteria is water borne. It other words, it can be passed on through water and it prospers in hot and humid surroundings.  It usually takes place in synthetic type of nails due to the fact that humidity can infiltrate amid the artificial nail and the regular nail bed.

Commonly though, the initial infection starts to attack the topmost part of the nail. Owe this to the moisture that is accumulated at the nail’s pouch. When the infection begins to take place beneath the regular nail, it is already regarded as a secondary kind of contamination. This means the bacteria had already taken the opportunity of thriving in the nails.

Understanding Green Nail Fungus

Fungus is a kind of bacteria resulting from the plant lineage and it is a family member of mushroom.  The fungal contamination that usually affects the nails is different from viral and bacterial contaminations. Fungal infections are considered recurring, rough, develops slowly, and limited to a small area.

Bacterial and viral contaminations on the other hand, are believed to be severe and sensitive. They develop easily and usually blood borne. These indicates that they can have an effect not only one particular area of the body but other parts as well. You must take note that you must not complicate it with the superficial bacterial infection that takes place on the top most part of the nail plate.

Prevention of Green Nail Fungus

If the bacteria causing green nail fungus results to toenail fungus infection, it can be cured simply by immersing your feet in vinegar solution.  You can immerse the infected nail in the solution for about five minutes several times daily.

This is a good precautionary treatment for the cuticles of your nails.It is better if you will continue immersing your nails in vinegar solution even after the fungal infection had been cleared. This is vital if you are prone to fungal infection. Once the infection on your nails begins to spread tremendously, it will be very difficult to cure because the on hand treatment maybe too frail or too poisonous.

Green Nail Fungus Treatment

There are a lot of medications for green nail fungus that you can acquire through prescription. There are also those that can simply be bought over-the-counter for topical application and oral ingestion. Most of these medications need prolonged treatment and the worst is that some contain side effects that will damage the liver and the kidney.

Unluckily the medicines that contain a depleted power to cure include griseofulvin and ketoconazole. Both these drugs are dangerous to take for prolonged treatment.

The only antifungal medication that had gained the approval of the Food and Drug Administration is itraconazoleItraconazole is considered as the most effective oral drug for green fungal nail infection.

The other two drugs that are also effective in combating nail fungus are fluconazole and terbinafine, but these drugs were not approved yet by FDA. All the three medicines for fungal infection contains only little side effects.

Now, will you stop or go to conquer the green light known as green nail fungus? As with other types of fungus that can lead to nail fungi, it is recommended that you prevent this type of fungus from invading you. Do that by going deeply to its cause.

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  1. Sgs says:

    Fungus are definitevely not bacteria. They are different microorganisms! Fungal and bacterial cells are very different from each other!

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