Listerine As A Nail Fungus Remedy: Does It Work?

Listerine on the store shelfIt is very unlikely to hear the phrase “Listerine for nail fungus treatment.” You might be asking yourself, “Are they mad? Is this for real?” Well, the truth is that these days, many are swearing that Listerine can in fact get rid of nail fungus.

Can a mouthwash really cure a nail infected by fungi? We all know that Listerine is an antiseptic mouthwash used to kill bacteria lurking in the mouth. This product has been in the market for decades and contains alcohol.

At present, many are presenting that the mouthwash is no longer just useful to get rid of bacteria in the mouth but also kill fungus infecting the nails. This is one of the fast-rising home remedies for nail fungus. Read on to find out if it does work as one of the so-called nail fungus natural cures.

How To Use Listerine As Nail Fungus Treatment

A number of people soak their feet on a Listerine mixture for a few minutes and Voila! Overnight, you will find that the fungi lingering in your nails will be chuck out.

On the other hand, if you have cracks on your feet, it is not advisable to soak it on Listerine. The mouthwash is alcohol-based and doing so will render a throbbing and painful feeling.

According to the ones who have tried using Listerine as a nail fungus treatment, the success in utilizing the mouthwash as an antifungal remedy is in the amount of mixture. It should be a 50-50 combination of Listerine and water. Some users heated the mixture before soaking the affected area on it, while other users soak the infected region a few times in one day.

So, Does This Mean That Listerine Nail Fungus Is An Effective Treatment?

Unfortunately, not everyone who used Listerine as a remedy for nail fungus infection was able to reap the rewards of the new discovery. Moreover, the testimonials of the believers are not backed by tangible evidences that the mouthwash is indeed an effective antifungal treatment. Making use of Listerine to cure nail fungus is famous these days but at the same time a disputed procedure.

At the moment Listerine mouthwash has a total of 6 varying flavors. The testimonies of Listerine users are not quite clear as to which among these flavors work best in treating nail fungus. Of course, these varieties contain varying ingredients that is why the particular ingredient of the mouthwash which aids in curing nail fungus should be lucid. It would be disappointing to spend money in buying a cure for the condition only to find out later on that you have purchased the wrong mouthwash flavor.

The best thing that the experts should do now is to conduct studies and researches which could support or debunk the claims that Listerine for nail fungus treatment is effective. If proven really efficient, these studies should also specify the variety of mouthwash which will best work to get rid of the infection. For now, it is advisable that you stick to antifungal creams and oral medications prescribed by your doctor to treat nail fungus. It is better safe than sorry.

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