Lip Twitching: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

women's lipsLip twitching is the general term given to the movement of the lips of the quivering of the lips that are involuntary in nature.  This typically means that the person experiencing the lip movement has little or no control over the movement.

There is a difference in the twitching of the upper lip and the lower lip.  Each of these body parts are considered independent and the causes of twitching are taken as different as well.

A general twitching that is usually experienced by either or both lip halves are what are being considered here.  Thus this deals with the lip as a whole and not as independent members of the body.

Lip Witching – The Causes And Remedies


  • Causes: Tremors are the general movement of the lips and are usually taken as a warning sign of more serious issues of the body. The principle reason for the trembling or tremors are the lack of vitamins and minerals that are so needed by the body.  Stress is also a factor in the appearance of tremors and so too with some medications.
  • Symptoms: Typical tremors are noticed when the two lips each together or either moves to an irregular pattern. It is possible that the person affected can bring the movements under control and there is a huge difference when this is done.
  • Treatment: The best way to eliminate the tremor is with the regular use of a multi vitamin formulation and the following a good diet always. It would be a good idea to introduce some sort of exercise that could reduce the stress that a person experiences at work or at the home.
  • Prevention: Prevention of occurrence of lip movement is simple. Taking pains to have a regular diet that is rich in the minerals and vitamins that is so needed by the body is a good step.  It is also a step in the right direction as well.  There are stress relieving exercises and of particular mention must be made of yogic poses that help with the condition of excess stress.  As different people react to stress in a different manner, the factor of stress in involuntary lip movement cannot be fully predicted.

Facial Spasms

  • Causes: The typical spasm of the face is due to fatigue and anxiety. It would be a body’s reaction to typical conditions that arise in a person’s life.  It is very subjective in nature and different people experience spasm in different degrees for the same condition.
  • Symptoms: This type of spasm is characterized by the sudden jerkiness in the movement of the lips. It usually is different from the usual twitching that is so common with people.
  • Treatment: The prime factor that would reduce fatigue is a proper diet. There are a lot of instances when a condition is brought about by the short term physical exertion by a person and this can be taken care of by energy booster drinks and formulations that restore the body balance quickly.
  • Prevention: The first step when the body is subjected to exertion is to keep sufficiently hydrated. There are a lot of instances when a bit of common salt can do wonders with the body to maintain equilibrium.  Care must be taken to increase food intake to keep up with the physical exertion that a person undertakes and the use of things like chocolate bars and other energy providing bars can help control the situation.

Parkinson’s Disease

  • Causes: This is a condition that is particularly set off by the conditions of the nerves in the body as it deteriorates with age. It is mainly a genetic factor and most cases of the condition are usually diagnosed quite later in the occurrence.
  • Symptoms: Spasmic movement of the lips and face in general. The person can at times seem to blabber incoherently as well.  There would seem a total lack of control of the facial muscles as well.
  • Treatment: There is not much a person can do if diagnosed with this condition. The medical sciences have been able to accomplish is to arrest further deterioration of the patient’s condition.  Usual practice is to administer nerve rejuvenating vitamins and formulations.
  • Prevention: The early diagnosis of the condition does help in retaining the most amount of a person’s ability. It is also best that as people approach middle age a good supplement vitamins and minerals is advised with the daily diet.

Hormonal Deficiency

  • Causes: This could be due to the difference in balance of hormones present in the body. It is usual that the production of hormones does fall with aging and that certain conditions are brought about with the change in hormone levels.
  • Symptoms: The twitching of the lips that are followed by possible hair fall and other secondary symptoms that can vary with the individual. The complex function that the hormones play in maintaining body balance is crucial in the elders.
  • Treatment: It is the usual practice to advise a boosting of hormonal levels. Often this is done by administering formulations that boost the production of the hormones.  But it is not easy to bring back the balance of hormones which is a very delicate issue at best of times.
  • Prevention: Ideally a person as he gets older must get into the habit of remaining as active as possible. This ensures that the body functions as normal as possible and for the most possible time too.  Balancing an unbalanced body is rather a delicate affair and the most practical thing to do would be to prevent the imbalance from occurring.

Thus the simple twitch that someone gets in the lips could portend a more serious condition.  It is usually an active person that gets to spend the twilight of their lives with the least suffering and pain.  A stress on a healthy diet followed by sufficient exercise and adequate sunlight are what keeps most people balanced and in control at all times.

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