Tongue Ulcers: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

women with tongue ulcersThe appearance of spots on the surface of the tongue is taken rather seriously by people.  It is often the painful feeling that a typical tongue ulcer brings about that causes folks to take note of the condition.

Tongue ulcers treatment are at times very simple and on a number of occasions a simple salt water gargle is bound to bring immediate and lasting relief.  If it is that the problem does not go away with a first treatment of salt water gargle that more serious attention need to be paid.

Usually a tongue ulcer appears as just a simple white dot on the outer surface of the tongue.  It could then proceed to spread to the most part of the tongue or restrict itself to a more localized lesion.  Most tongue ulcers do respond to a simple warm salt gargle and it is when the first treatment fails that the more serious nature of the condition is realized by people.

It is a good omen when a particular pain is localized to a small area of the tongue.  Most cancerous attacks of the mouth often start of as a pus spot on the tongue and it is best advised to never ignore or make light of the condition at any time.

Tongue Ulcers Treatment – The Probable Causes And Remedies

Canker Sore

  • Causes: There could be a number of causes for the formation of Canker Sores. It can be triggered by vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the first place, particularly the deficiency of Vitamin B.  In a number of instances an emotional stress can bring about an attack of the sores too.
  • Symptoms: The blisters or sores that start off a small pus spots on the tongue and the inner cheeks that usually is followed by an irritant pain. The pain can be localized or more wide spread and this is more a personal thing than a blanket symptom that appears in most people.  In a number of instances the appearance of pus may take a few days after the onset of the pain on the tongue.

Of particular interest is the appearance of secondary signs like fever, sore throat, rashes or even diarrhea with the sores as this means a more serious health condition.

  • Treatment: The first form of defense must always be a gargle of warm salt water. This is bound to reduce the pain considerably and bring relief to the person.  The patient should be given a supplement of vitamins and minerals in the first instance and further treatment initiated if no progress is made with this approach.  An approach that needs to be done with the symptoms that appear on a person is the best way to handle this condition that could in a number of occasions point to greater health issues.
  • Prevention: There is never a greater emphasis on taking in a good and balanced diet. It is often people that are wanting in this aspect that are usually stricken with sores of the tongue and mouth.  A good oral hygiene must be maintained with regular gargles and rinses of the mouth.


  • Causes: This condition is brought about by the proliferation of the Candida fungus. Most mouths do have a certain amount of this fungus and it is usually the imbalances in the chemical composition of the cavity that the fungus proliferates to a harmful condition.  The fine balance of the linings of the mouth are what leads to a healthy condition and any factor that causes this balance to be disturbed is bound to bring about unhealthy conditions of the mouth.
  • Symptoms: The typical symptoms are the pus spots that occur on the surface of the tongue and could be accompanied by a bad breath and red coloration of the mouth cavity. If additional signs of bad health exist it is best advised to consult a doctor to help come to grips with the condition.
  • Treatment: The thrush is to be treated symptomatically and in most cases the disease must show remission from the third day or so of treatment. If conditions persist for longer periods than say ten days, then it could point to more serious conditions than a simple attack of thrush.  There are a number of antibiotic lozenges that help combat the condition to good effect as well.
  • Prevention: Practices that place a great strain on the fine balances that exist in the mouth must be avoided at all costs. This includes excessive use of tobacco and alcohol.  In case a person is in the habit of abusing these substances then it is best advised to prevent the occurrence of thrush with regular use of a good mouth wash.

Lichen Planus

  • Causes: The mentioned condition is brought about by the breakdown of the body’s defense system. When the immune system is over stretched to the limits it is usually the time that the body sends out some sort of warning or other.  Lichen Planus is one of the first signs that something is not quite right and there could be serious imbalances in the system.
  • Symptoms:- Painful sores of the tongue and mouth linings are the first signs of this condition and is usually very painful too. It is also the case that white coating is formed on the outer tongue that looks flaky as well.  This is never a fatal condition and would tend to pass with recovery of the body immunity and good health.
  • Treatment: The best forms of treatment of the condition are with the use of alternate systems of medicines that emphasize the balance and immunity accorded to the body. A good mouth wash does provide immediate relief to the pain in most instances and it is the regaining of the balances in the body that is a true preventive step.
  • Prevention: A healthy diet that provides all the minerals and nutrients needed for healthy body is the first step towards the prevention of the condition. Particular attention must be paid to the need for balances in dietary habits that is at times lacking in modern lifestyles.

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