Natural Remedies For Stomach Pain

man with stomach painNatural remedies for stomach pain can offer reliable solutions to mild and moderate stages of the health disorder.

Men, women and children suffer from stomach pain due to various reasons. Infections, bowel disorders, excessive eating, saturated fat, alcohol, smoking, acidity and gases are the common causes.

Your instincts normally tell you to visit your doctor or opt for OTC medicines when you get the symptoms. You will be surprised to know about many simple natural remedies that can cure the pain without any side effects. This type of cure is fast, reliable and long lasting.

Natural Remedies For Stomach Pain – Overview


  • Causes:  Indigestion is a common cause that leads to constipation. This can lead to formation of toxic elements within the stomach. Their accumulation causes stomach pain.
  • Symptoms:  Inability to eliminate In spite of the urge is one common symptom. Gas formation in the stomach, sour fluid deposition and constant feeling of uneasiness are the other symptoms.
  • Treatment:  Take ¼-spoon of Fennel and coriander powder and mix with one glass of lukewarm water. Stir well and drink early in the morning. Alternatively, take one spoon of ginger, garlic and basil powder and mix in lukewarm water. Stir well and drink early in the morning. You can get relief within 2 or 3 days. The combination of neem powder + Aloe Vera + honey will also relieve constipation and the stomach pain naturally.
  • Prevention:  Drink plenty of water during the day. According to health experts, you need to drink half liter of pure water after every hour or whenever you feel thirsty. Limit the consumption of fatty and oily foods. Do not avoid or delay elimination when your body gets the urge.  

Bacterial Infection

  • Causes:  Bacterial and viral infections can cause stomach pain. Unhygienic food, non-sterilized milk, poor cooking methods and water can be the sources of bacteria.
  • Symptoms:  Mild to moderate pain in the stomach with nausea and vomiting sensation could be the first indication. Reduced appetite, frequent urge to eliminate and constant feeling of irritation in the food pipe are the other symptoms.
  • Treatment:  Take one spoon of Aloe Vera liquid, neem powder, fenugreek powder and honey in a bowl. Stir well and add one glass of water. Consume it thrice in a day for 5 days. The anti bacterial properties of neem and Aloe Vera can eliminate them within this period.
  • Prevention:  Avoid non-sterilized milk. Drink one glass of water with one spoon of (neem + Aloe Vera) early in the morning. Maintain hygiene in the kitchen, bathroom and the toilet.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  • Causes:  Accumulation of parasites like pin worms in the bowel /pancreas can cause IBS. The other probable causes could be food allergy, excess of alcohol and/or nicotine, spicy foods etc.
  • Symptoms: Irritation in the stomach and food pipe is the first symptom. The next stage of symptoms is nausea and diarrhea.
  • Treatment:  Add one spoon of Aloe Vera, neem oil, turmeric oil and honey in a bowl. Stir well and mix with one glass of water. Drink it thrice a day for two days. Alternatively, you can opt for ¼ spoon of castor oil mixed with one spoon of honey and Aloe Vera in one glass of water. Castor oil is powerful anti bacterial ingredient. You may not like its taste in your tongue. Adding honey will help in solving the problem of taste.
  • Prevention:  Personal hygiene is very important for staying away from pinworm infection. Avoid unhygienic foods. Keep your kitchen, bathroom and toilet clean and hygienic. Drink plenty of water.


  • Causes:  Stress could be the result of over working on your projects without taking time for sleep or rest. Skipping meal or delayed meal can form gas within your intestine, leading to stomachache. Eating junk foods at the wrong time can also cause the pain to worsen.
  • Symptoms:  You might the cramps in your stomach muscles. The pain might last for a brief period, repeating frequently. It might worsen with time.
  • Treatment:  The immediate treatment could be consuming lime soda. You can add a piece of limejuice to the soda and drink it. You will get temporary relief from the constant ache. You might burp a lot and release the gasses. Don’t worry as it is a sign of your stomach getting cleaned up. Add one spoon of fennel seeds, one spoon of Aloe Vera and one spoon of honey in a bowl. Stir well and consume it. Don’t eat or drink anything for the next 60 minutes. The natural medicine will help in easing elimination. Then you can feel the relief from pain.
  • Prevention:  Avoid skipping meal. You need to have a specific time schedule for your breakfast, lunch and supper. If you have to skip a meal, you can at least opt for fruits and salads to fill your stomach. Drink plenty of fruit juice. Avoid over exerting your body and mind. If you need to work on a project consistently, take frequent breaks and relax. You need to consume one glass of pure water after a gap of one hour. This can reduce the stress levels considerably.


  • Causes:  Acidity could be the result of spicy foods, alcohol, junk foods etc.
  • Symptoms: consistent pain in the lower intestine with nausea and vomiting sensation. Sometimes you might get the sensation of acid refluxes resulting in sour odor in the food pipe.
  • Treatment:  Add one spoon of fennel seeds, one spoon of Aloe Vera, one spoon of honey and one spoon of neem oil. Mix well and drink. This will help in the elimination of acidic elements from your stomach. Drink one glass of water mixed with ginger juice every morning before breakfast. Drink plenty of water.
  • Prevention:  Avoid hard liquor and switch to wine for the moment. Don’t consume alcohol on empty stomach without eating. Space your drinks and add plenty of soda or coke.

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