Dark Green Poop: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention

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you are constantly worried about what does dark green poop mean, you need to understand the basic mechanism of the metabolism process in different age groups.

Newborn babies are known to pass green poop due to natural reasons. The medical experts call it as Meconium. The stool color will be restored to normalcy after 15 to 20 days of birth. So you don’t need to worry about this phenomenon.

The real worry starts when it comes to children, adolescents and the adults. Your first step is to get a doctor diagnose the poop. He will be able to tell you the exact reason for the abnormal color variation. Then you can take his suggestion to opt between home remedies and conventional medicines and treatments.

What Does Dark Green Poop Mean

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  • Causes: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is one of the common causes. It results from lack of fiber in your diet. Abnormal bowel movements can lead to constipation, resulting in green stool. The degeneration of stool within the bowel during constipation could cause the color to go green.
  • Symptoms:  Inability to pass stool freely is one of the main symptoms. Dryness in the anal area can lead to pain during elimination. The urge to eliminate can result in mild to severe pain in the lower abdomen and anal areas.
  • Treatment:  Your first task is to heal the IBS. Salt water treatment can clear the stool from your bowel. Mix one spoon of seawater salt to one cup of hot water and dissolve it completely. Cool the water to lukewarm temperature and drink it early in the morning. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes. If you don’t experience the ease of elimination, you can drink one more glass of salt water. This will certainly dilute the stool in the bowel and enable smooth elimination. Sometimes you might feel like having diarrhea, but you don’t need to worry. Once the bowel is clear, wait for the next 20 minutes before consuming normal water. Then you can drink one glass of veggie juice (carrot or gooseberry) to put your intestine, liver and bowel back in order. You will be surprised to see the poop color restored back to normalcy.
  • Prevention:  Drink plenty of water during the daytime. Your early morning drink has to start with one liter of pure water after brushing your teeth. Avoid acidity and constipation causing foods. Avoid hard alcoholic beverages.

Gastro-Intestine Problems

  • Causes:  Gastro-Intestine problem can be related to improper bile accumulation in the abdomen. The normal composition of bile consists of water, salts, bilirubin and phosphor-lipids. When the bile is unable to breakdown the undigested food properly it can lead to green stool.
  • Symptoms:  Frequent gas accumulation in the intestine and bowel results in uneasiness during elimination. Mild to moderate burning sensation in the anal area is another common symptom.
  • Treatment:  Consult your doctor to get the medicines for solving the Gastro-Intestine problem. Drink plenty of pure water throughout the day. One spoon of ginger extract with one spoon of honey in one glass of water can help in reducing the probability of constipation. Drink plenty of tender coconut water to eliminate the stool properly. You can see the results within 3 to 4 days with the restoration of stool color back to normalcy.
  • Prevention:  Bile is produced in the liver and transferred to the intestine for digestion and elimination. When you keep the liver in healthy condition, the probability of green stool can be reduced considerably. For his you need to drink plenty of water and smoothies during the day time. Avoid concentrated alcoholic and acidity causing beverages.

Anal Injury

  • Causes:  Excess constipation over prolonged period can cause small cracks in the anal region. This can result in green poop. Drying of the bowel and hardening of the stool are the common causes for prolonged constipation.
  • Symptoms:  Pain in the anal region with bleeding.
  • Treatment:  Your first task is to enable free elimination and cleaning of the bowels. You can opt for the salt water treatment with one spoon of sea salt in one glass of warm water. Once the bowel is cleared, you can opt for an antiseptic cream to heal the wound in the anal region. Drink plenty of hot water and watermelon smoothies to dilute the stool. Apply hot press (with a hot water bag) over the anal region to reduce the pain.
  • Prevention:  Drink plenty of water and smoothies regularly. Avoid hard alcoholic beverages to eliminate the probability of stool hardening.

Digestive Tract Infection

  • Causes:  Infection of the digestive tract from bacteria and germs can cause the improper digestion due to infected bile juices. This can lead to green stool.
  • Symptoms:  irritation in the digestive tracts with leading to pain in the lower abdomen region.
  • Treatment:  consult your doctor to get the medication for disinfection of digestive tract. Alternatively, you can opt for cater oil capsules to relieve the congestion in the digestive tract and elimination of bacteria and germs. This will considerably relieve the sensation of pain in the abdomen and stop green poop. The color gets restored to normalcy.
  • Prevention:  Avoid unhygienic food and water sources. Keep your kitchen and dining rooms perfectly in hygienic conditions. Drink plenty of water during the day. Antioxidant fruit juices can help in avoiding the infections. Add one spoon of ginger and garlic extract to one glass of water. Consume it once in three days early in the morning. This will help kill all the bacteria.

Other Causes

  • Green Leafy/colored Food:  If you have consumed excess of green leafy foods rich in proteins, it leads to passing green stool. There is no need for any treatment as the normal condition gets restored naturally.
  • Medicines:  Certain medicines you consume can contribute to the green color in stool.

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