Vomiting Bile: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

vomiting women in the toiletThere are a number of reasons why people should vomit with a yellowish green hue.  Vomiting bile could be the number one culprit of such a vomit and there would not be many other factors that cause a greenish or a yellowish discharge.

The primary concern of the presence of bile in vomit is that there has been a bowel obstruction.   It is thus important that proper attention is given to people that give out this symptom and it is never to be taken lightly.

By bowel obstruction, it is referred to the improper digestive action from the lower bowels onwards. This is not to be taken to mean a physical obstruction which does tend to produce signs of a different kind.

A healthy bowel action would involve a series of contractions which in medical parlance is referred to as bowel movements.  This is what typically ensures a proper digestive action and healthy people as well.  Usually the conditions associated with the bowels are the ones that are taken seriously as it involves the very nature of existence and is never to be belittled.

Conditions That Rise Out Of People Vomiting Bile And The Remedies

Bile Reflux

  • Causes: This is the return of the bile from the digestive tract, principally the stomach back into the food pipe. This bile is then thrown out of the tract with a violent expelling action or a vomit.  There could be a number of reasons for this to happen and the main culprit is probably the lack of a rest period soon after a meal thus not providing a reasonable time to the healthy digestive process to occur.  There are a lot of instances when this digestive process is hindered due to a medical condition as well.
  • Symptoms: A passing of a yellowish green vomit that is often followed by a burning sensation in the food pipe. The vomit is particularly characterized by the color that is rarely to be missed or mixed with any other occurrence.  It could be possible that there could be wheezing or mild coughing that is caused due to the irritated muscles of the throat.
  • Treatment: Most instances of bile in the vomit are treated symptomatically. The usual practice is to provide something to soothe the irritated system by administering some medicines.  Very severe and persistent vomiting action is relieved by the administration of medicines that are known to tackle the condition.  The person is asked to be in a prone condition till relief is had which if not a chronic situation would follow soon after.  In the case of repeated occurrences, then a remedial treatment is to be resorted to.
  • Prevention: The best practice is to allow for a quite lie down soon after a meal and particularly after the mid day meal. This allows for the proper digestive action and the balance of acids to be achieved soon after a meal. The very active nature of most people’s lives ensures that incidents of excess formation of bile are often very common.

What would at first seem a little trouble if not paid sufficient attention to, could start of something more sinister and serious. Thus the need to be forewarned at all times need to be stressed at all times.

Tumors Of The Digestive System

  • Causes: It is often seen in a number of cases that had various types of tumors of the digestive system to have bouts of vomiting bile. This is due to a number of factors the least being the disruption of the proper functioning of the body functions. It is often observed that the bile is usually observed to be concentrated in the stomach only in the very terminal stages of a tumor and in most cases would not be much help.  It is thus important that the very early signs that point to conditions of the stomach and the digestive system are heeded in right earnest.
  • Symptoms: In a number of cases that showed violent bouts of vomiting and particularly a greenish or a yellowish vomit need to be extra careful. It is a good sign that something is wrong somewhere.  Often it is that a number of secondary signals are also given in the form of aches and pains in the abdominal area.  There could also be discolored stools as well.  Even cramps in the lower abdominals too.
  • Treatment: There has till date never been a treatment as such for tumors and cancers. The very complex nature of the growth and progress of tumors make it more suited that the conditions are treated to the particular situation. g. in some cases a round of radiation could be of immense use if the tumor is localized.  But this approach would not help if the growth is more wide spread where a course of chemotherapy is more advisable.  Thus the treatment varies with the specific condition of a person.
  • Prevention: Tumors and cancers are best prevented than treated for. Thus the first step in preventing occurrence of such conditions is to pursue healthy lifestyles as possible.  Use of a balanced diet would help to keep the insides and the outsides of a body healthy as well as safe.  Of particular attention is the need to keep out chemical additives in food products.  These are never tested completely and not matter how safe a use is, it is never exhaustive enough.

Tumor and such conditions of the digestive system are best prevented from forming. There is not much that modern medical science can do to help overcome the condition and often the persons affected are better off succumbing to the disease than die a slow painful death on treatment. Not to speak of the large sums of money needed to undergo the treatment procedures in any hospital.

The more thorough study of various additives to food and condiments are a sure way of keeping at bay this condition. Still there could never be a fail save method to testing and conditions that are near perfect in application.

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