Beauty Tool Must Haves For Pregnancy

pregnant women

Pregnancy is a time for simplification of the beauty routine. With all eyes on the mother to be, the expecting mother may feel the need to rely on beauty tools to help her through the storm of baby showers, endless well wishers and birthing classes.

Utilizing tools can help the pregnant mother simplify her beauty routine to let her natural maternal glow shine through. Consider acquiring these for yourself or your favorite expecting mother to help make her life easier when it comes to beauty.

Eyelash Curler

This tool can make all the difference during a pregnancy where eyes have become sensitive due to changing hormones and a lack of sleep. A simple curling of the eyelash works like mascara to pop open your eyes without dealing with the clumping, running, smudging or irritation of actual eye makeup. The can be used throughout the day to refresh the eyes.

Long Handled Loofah Sponge

The most annoying thing about being pregnant is not having the same reach and mobility you once had. Relax in the shower or bath with a long handled loofah, and know that you will be able to reach and naturally exfoliate hard to reach places on your back. The long handle helps in the last trimester when the expecting mommy is so big in front she cannot easily bend down and scrub her own legs.

Exfoliation Gloves

The skin goes through many changes during pregnancy, and one way to keep it feeling and looking fresh is with exfoliation gloves. The gloves are gentle enough to exfoliate the whole body, and can be used daily in trouble spots. Total body exfoliation helps the skin breathe and increases circulation while allowing toxins to pass out of the body through clean open pores.


A good pair of tweezers is a must have for the pregnant mother to be. One way to keep the face looking fresh without makeup is to have a clean brow line. Ingrown hairs are another problem that can be a real nuisance during pregnancy. Apply a hot washcloth to the affected area before plucking the ingrown hair out for the best results.

Nail Clippers & Cleaning Brush

Many women choose to forego using nail polish and remover during their pregnancy because of the toxic ingredients found in these products and the potential hazardous effects they could have on the developing baby.

A remedy for this situation is to increase the cleanliness of the nails during pregnancy, and consider regular natural manicures. Clip the nails down to a comfortable size and scrub under the nails and around the nail bed with mild soapy water. Use almond or olive oil on your nails after the scrub to strengthen and reinforce them without using toxic chemicals.

Wide Toothed Comb

Whether pregnancy causes a dramatic increase in the expecting mother`s hair length and strength or it contributes to brittle hair that breaks off more easily than normal, a wide toothed comb is good to have on hand.

This gentle tool for your hair will ensure that although your nerves and appetite might be crazy, your hair doesn`t have to be. If you are experiencing problems with hair breakage, be sure to let your hair air dry and brush it with a wide toothed comb only. Bristle brushes can further damage already dry and brittle hair.

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