Pregnancy And Your Sex Life

pregnant woman in bedBeing intimate with your significant other during your pregnancy can be an awkward if not embarrassing time in your relationship. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Contrary to popular belief, it is completely fine to continue having sex while pregnant. Of course with a baby on the way, there are some precautions that should be followed.

One of the easiest ways to get back into the swing of things with your sex life is to keep open communication with your partner. Discuss the topic and hear each other’s take on the subject. Address any concerns and learn how to compromise. Having sex while pregnant can be a challenge both physically and emotionally so don’t worry if you aren’t able to get it right the first time. If it helps, talk to your doctor about your concerns and be sure that you know what you can or cannot do sexually while pregnant.

It’s normal for a pregnant woman to feel nauseous, uncomfortable or awkward – many others are just the opposite, as being pregnant can trigger an increase in sexual appetite. Whatever your emotional state, make sure your partner is supportive and that you both take things slow. Many men actually find pregnancy very desirable so most pregnant women have nothing to fear when it comes to being insecure about their appearance.

The only time you should not attempt to have sex during pregnancy is if your doctor has advised against it, if your water has broken, you are experiencing vaginal bleeding, if you or your partner has an STD, if you have a history of premature birth/labor or if you suffer from a condition called placenta previa, which occurs when a part of the placenta covers the cervix.

One of the biggest concerns couples have when it comes to having sex while pregnant is fear of hurting the baby. Many medical practitioners will tell you that the chances of that occurring are slim, especially if you take care into accommodating the presence of the baby. By sticking to positions that work well for the pregnant mother, the baby will be fine. Some ideal positions for being intimate include spooning with the man behind the woman, on your hands and knees, with the woman on top, and lying on the side with the knee pulled up. Other ways to increase sexual arousal is by cuddling, taking a bath, giving a massage, as well as other activities that can help both partners get in the mood.

As the pregnancy goes along, the changes in a woman’s sexual nature can range from being too tired or nauseous to being very sexually aggressive. As her partner, be sure to be in tune with what she is feeling and accommodate her needs in any way you can. Be sure to talk about your feelings and try to come up with different ways to spice up your love life while keeping in mind of her delicate condition. There is nothing wrong with being sexual while pregnant. For a couple, it can be just the thing to get the spark back into their love life.

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