Are Fruits Effective Aphrodisiacs? Yes!

Fruits as aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs are substances, which are to increase sexual activity and increase level of hormones responsible for its. Aphrodisiacs are not limited to Spanish fly, crocodile tail or hyena bill. The list of aphrodisiacs contains also fruits – polish and exotic.

The most popular aphrodisiacs are strawberries with champagne. Strawberries mixed with sugar and washed up with champagne are said to have positive sexual influence for women. Another aphrodisiac is banana with whipped cream. We don’t know how big is its influence on increasing libido, but definitely his phallic shape ma bring some associations. Fruits also increase fertility.

Peaches with whipped cream are more like to work on men, not without a reason they are called “Wenus bust”. Another fruit which raises desire is pear, not only because of its bust reminding shape. Prepared with lemon juice, almonds and chocolate, pear is delicious snack.

Regardless of efficiency of aphrodisiacs, they are worth eating, as they contain high amount of vitamins.

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