How Libido Changes Depending On Menstruation Stage

woman libidoSexual appetite of men is usually on the same level. Female libido is changing in spite of menstruation change. Why it is so? What is the female desire for sex in particular days of period?

Most women feels more sexy during ovulation days, this is the time when they feel increased sex desire. It is the result of natural instinct of preserving our kind. However the fact is that 1/3 of women do not feel the sexual reliance on menstrual period, and 4,5 % of women desires sex most during period.

Nevertheless it is scientifically proves that hormones affects libido. So if the hormones level changes periodically, no wonder that from time to time you wriggle out of sex… using headache.

Menstrual Cycle – Rise And Ride

Every menstrual stage is involved with different hormones domination. At the beginning of cycle, dominating hormones are oestrogens. They cause growth of mucous membrane, and incubation of ovarian follicle. At the end of this stage, the level of oestrogens is getting higher, and it causes ovulation. The ovarian follicle ruptures and (thanks to luteinizing hormone – LH) corpus luteum appears, which produce progesterone essential for keeping pregnancy. Under the influence of progesterone, mucous membrane is preparing for adopting embryo. The temperature of body raises for around 0,5 Celsius and it stays raised till the end of cycle. If women is not fertilized during ovulation, the level of hormones decrease, and scarified mucous membrane starts flaking off. It is the beginning of bleeding, or so called period. After that, mucous membrane regenerates, and whole cycle repeats for every 28 days (sometimes a few days longer).

Libido – First 6 Days Of Cycle

Hormonal cycle begins from first bleeding. During menstruation, oestrogens and progesterone levels decrease, so sex desire is rather low. We fell ponderous and tired, more sensitive for pain and our concentration weakens. We expect from partner love, protection, we want to hug him. Some women bleed intensively, and feel pain in abdomen – it’s no weird that they associate bed only with rest.

Libido – From 7 To 11 Day

Progesterone, which makes our mood worse, in on the minimal level, so we are very optimistic. Production of oestrogen, testosterone and “youth hormone” – DHEA, increases. We fell energetic burst. Thanks to oestrogen we become stronger, more immune, we have nice skin, gleaming hair and we look younger. We feel great, which of course is clearly visible in bed. At the 10day of cycle, the oestrogen pick begins, causing strong desire of sex, and increased “sympathy” for men. Caress gives us unbelievable pleasure, as we are incredibly sensitive for touch.

Libido – From 12 To 17 Day

This is the ovulation time. Oestrogen level is still increasing, but additionally our organism produces a lot of testosterone. Thank to it we are more self – confident, brave and we initiate sexual intercourses. We can even decide on spicy sex, and realisation of sexual fantasies. Because of hormones we want to be with another man, and love games are better than ever before. Orgasm appears quickly, its strong and long. During ovulation we are getting wet quicker and stronger, which gives us extra pleasure.

Libido – From 18 To 24 Day

Oestrogen level increase, and progesterone level decrease. (If there was no fertilization). Cortisol is being exceeded – it is responsible for worse mood. The sex desire is getting lower, and touch sensitivity increase. We rather want hugging and gentleness. Intercourses are pleasant when they are slow, and preluded with foreplay.

Libido – From 25 To 28 Day

We are disturbed by many afflictions before bleeding. Everything annoys us, silly things becomes serious problems. We feel worse, our legs and arms are swallowed, as our organism keeps water inside. Stomach becomes puffy, and breast sensitive, moreover we have skin problems and headaches. We get tired quicker. But the worst thing is mood swing, oversensitivity. Sex desire is weak and oestrogens are on very low level.

It Takes Two To Tango

As we can see, during whole month, women libido changes, as well as her well – being and mood. We cannot even assume, that partner who usually has great desire for sex in the middle of cycle will have it always during ovulation. Since it happens, that ovulation is connected with pain in abdomen, and then desire simply disappears. So how to harmonize his and her needs in relationship? It all depends on mutual leniency and (or even mostly) understanding from men. If he just simply wants to know the secret of functioning of woman body, he will understand that her aversion to intimacy for a couple of days has got nothing in common with lack of feelings and that sometimes she just needs more caress.

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