Why We Don’t Feel Like Sex? Most Common Reasons And How to Fix It

lack of libidoWhat mostly kill libido? Unfortunately stress and tiredness. Long-term stress enfeebling our organism, and causes sleep and concentration problems, making us irritated. Therefore it is hard for us to be tempted to romantic ravishment. The same situation applies to tiredness, if we don’t sleep enough, we associate the sight of bed with desired dream, not sex.

Another reason to resign from sexual activity are frequent arguments. Sex is not magic way to reconcile, but sometimes it is treated so. Many people feel inner blockade after argument, and must wait for a proper time before intimation with partner. However refusing sex should not be a form of punishment, because such practices are destroying whole relationship. It is better to resolve problems before, forgive each other and then give yourself up to bed pleasures.

There may be many reasons for lack of temptation to sex, from health problems (in this case you need to visit a doctor), to stress caused by e.g. child sleeping in the next room. However we should remember that sex is very important element of common life, which incredibly bounds two people.

How To Increase A Libido?

What’s the ally of women libido? Relax above all else! Every day try to find some time for yourself, take care about your body and soul. Relaxing bath with foam, anti – stress mask, or appetizing body cream will stimulate your senses.

Passive rest is not the only factor which can turn up your sex desire. Doing sport is also great way of increasing libido. Moreover you can gain slim and firmed body, which will you can more eagerly show in bedroom.

Maybe you need some big change to feel attractive again? Try to change your haircut or experiment with you dressing style.

Of course it is very good to have healthy diet. Various menu full of fruits, vegetables, fishes and lean meat improve you mood, so as e result it increase libido. Additionally you can also use aphrodisiacs.