Simple Substitutes For Vegetable Oil

vegetable oilThe simple substitutes for vegetable oil provide you with wholesome health, fat free diet, balanced metabolism and cardiovascular activities, lean and fir physique and a functional heart.

The vegetable oil was the perfect solution to all the health problems until recently. However, the enhanced need for nutrients and medicinal values has forced many people to look for alternates.

There are many such oils, which can provide better volume of proteins, vitamins, minerals and the essential fatty acids. I have listed a few of them here and analyzed their healthy features.

Simple Substitutes For Vegetable Oil – Characteristics And Benefits

Sesame Oil


Sesame oil contains rich ingredients of proteins, fatty acids, moisture sucrose, glucose, phytosterols and amino acids. Every ingredient has its own nutritional value for your body cells, tissues and muscles. Lysine and argenione are the vital amino acids that help in consistent supply of energy to your body. They reduce fatigue and stress considerably. The Oleic acid provides lubrication to the joints and connecting tissues. Sesame oil can prevent the growth of melanoma type cancer. The molecules of sesame oil can enhance the concentration of high density Lipo protein and decrease the volume of lower density Lipo protein.

Sesame oil has the typical characteristic of killing bacteria and infectious germs in your body. The molecules are effective for reducing the chemical content like chlorine in the pool water. Sesame oil has the potential to kill lice and eliminate dandruff from the scalp region. It has the neutralizing effect on the free radicals generated due to UV. The oil has the antioxidant potential to kill all the bacteria and eliminate the toxic elements from internal organs.


  • Enhanced Muscle Mass: Sesame oil can enhance the muscle mass by increasing the production of Ketones. The muscles in your body will be able to absorb nutrients from the bloodstream for storing energy.
  • Cholesterol Reduction:  The sesame oil has the ability to reverse the process of cholesterol production in your body. Your body will naturally start converting the low-density Lipo proteins into essential fatty acids.
  • Consistent Energy: The energy levels within your body start increasing consistently. You feel activated and enthusiastic throughout the day. Your body reduces the level of fatigue and lethargy levels automatically.
  • Healthy Organs:  The health status of internal organs like the liver, intestine, kidneys, pancreas, cardiovascular organs and the urinary organs improves. Enhanced fat burning ensures conversion into useful energy for the functioning of the internal organs.
  • Elevated Mood:  The production levels of Dopamine increases considerably. Since the process happens naturally, the probability of negative side effects is zero. Your brain activities increase considerably. The ingredients of sesame oil reduce the stress levels within the brain considerably. You stay in a state of elevated mood throughout the day.
  • Glucose Balance: It seems there is some good news for the diabetic. The ingredients of sesame oil can balance the equation between glucose and insulin in the blood. They prevent the sudden variations in the glucose levels.

Olive Oil


Olive oil has low fat proteins, vitamins, oleic acid, mono-saturated fatty acid, phytonutrients, fat-soluble vitamins and minerals.

  • Anti Inflammation:  The olive oil is highly anti inflammatory in nature. It helps heal swelling, wound, infections and boils on the skin and internal organs.
  • Anti Oxidant: olive oil has the capacity for reducing the oxidative stress due to free radicals. The ingredients can effectively neutralize the radicals and eliminate them from your body.
  • Anti Aging: Olive oil has high volume of anti aging characteristics. The ingredients can enhance the production of elastin and collagen in the skin layers. The ingredients are highly nourishing for the skin cells and tissues. They can help in eliminating the skin hardness and cracks.
  • Anti Cholesterol: Olive oil has a high anti cholesterol property. It breaks down the accumulation of cholesterol within the blood veins, muscles and the internal organs.
  • Anti Obesity: Olive oil ingredients have the property to break down the fat molecules and convert them into fatty acids. This process happens at the main fat accumulation areas like the hips, abdomen, thighs, chest, lower arm and the back.
  • Anti Diabetic: The ingredients of olive oil can balance the levels of glucose and insulin within your bloodstream. It is highly recommended for type two diabetic conditions.
  • Anti Cancer:  The ingredients of cholesterol have the property of neutralizing the cancer cells in the colon, pancreas, prostate and breast areas.


  • Lean Muscles: You can develop lean and fit mulches due to enhanced fat burning within them. Generation of new muscle cells and tissues makes it possible to have healthy muscle mass. The elimination of unhealthy fluids from the core areas enables reduction of obesity.
  • Faster Healing:  The injuries and scars in the skin, muscles and joints heal faster. The stress factors in your muscles and joints lower in intensity.
  • Enhanced Metabolism: Metabolism is the key activity that influences all the other organs’ health and functionality. Olive oil has the capacity to streamline the process of digestion of foods and distribution of nutrients to all the other organs. Your body’s efficiency in waste elimination and energy conservation increases considerably.
  • Cardiovascular Health: The overall health and active levels of the cardiovascular organs improves considerably. Supply of oxygenated blood, removal of carbon, restoration of lung and heart function and the overall fitness levels improve consistently.
  • Increased Immunity:  Your body’s immunity levels for heart diseases, strokes, infections and many other types of disorders increases.
  • Wholesome Health:  The ingredients restore the wholesome health of your body to optimum levels. The experts recommend Olive specifically during pregnancy, postpartum, disease and surgical recovery. The healing and nurturing property of the oil can help improve the wholesome health of men and women from all age groups. The indigents assure balanced health for long life.

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