Belly Button Pain (Umbilical Pain): Causes, Treatment, Prevention

women with belly button pain

The belly button pain (Umbilical Pain) could be related to problems in the intestine, uterus, urinary bladder, appendicitis or ulcer. These are some of the common causes.

Post surgical effects for abdominal related disease can also result in the pain. The stress on the lower abdomen during pregnancy is another known cause for the pain.

You need to get the proper diagnosis done before taking any treatment. The home remedies for the pain are advised only when it is related to non-complex issues. In case of complex issues, medication and treatment from qualified doctor is the only solution. The home remedies can be supportive in faster healing of the disorder, when combined with medication and treatment.

Belly Button Pain (Umbilical Pain) – Common Causes And Treatments


The pain above the belly button could be due to many types of infections to the gallbladder or liver. In many cases it may also elate to the infection of the intestine, spleen or the pancreas. Detailed diagnosis by the experienced doctor can reveal the causes.

  • Causes:  Accumulation of bacteria in the track between the gallbladder and the liver can cause the pain in the upper portion of the belly button.
  • Symptoms:  Frequent pain in the lower abdomen region, accompanied with trouble in urinating and elimination.
  • Treatment: Add one spoon of turmeric powder to one spoon of honey and mix in water. You may also add one spoon of ginger and garlic to make it effective. Drink the mix early in the morning for a week or 10 days. It can eliminate all the infectious elements from the tract between the liver and the gallbladder.
  • Prevention: Avoid exposure to unhygienic environment. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices. Consult your doctor to get frequent checkup if you had such problems before.

Gallbladder Disorder

  • Causes: A disorder in the working of the gallbladder can cause belly button pain. The bladder is the organ in which bile is temporarily stored, before being released into the liver and intestine. It secretes the bile at a rate of 20ml per day to enable digestion and other metabolic activities. The blocking of the upper duct due to infection can result in the belly button pain.
  • Symptoms:  Consistent pain in the belly button area with difficulty in urination and elimination is one of the symptoms. Irritation and burning sensation during irritation is another symptom.
  • Treatment:  Take two teaspoons of honey, one spoon of Olive oil, one spoon of Aloe Vera liquid and one spoon of neem oil.mix them in a bowl drink every day early in the morning. This procedure can help in the elimination of contagious elements from the gallbladder. Take one glass of warm water and one spoon of salt. Stir well and drink. It can kill all the infectious elements in the gallbladder and the outlets to the liver.
  • Prevention:  Drink plenty of water. Avoid unhygienic food and water. Consult your doctor to provide you with preventive care medicines which can clear the congestions in the gallbladder tracts.

Impure Blood

  • Causes: Impure blood in the lower abdomen region can be caused by post surgical medicines, infections, or disease of the liver and pancreas.
  • Symptoms: Consistent pain in the lower part of the belly button, with irritation in bowel, liver and pancreas. You might not be able to differentiate the pain in various organs as the culmination point of pain is in the area below the belly button.
  • Treatment: Home remedy involves salt and water treatment once or twice during the day. You can consult your doctor to get the proper antibiotic for the pain relief and cleaning of blood.
  • Prevention:  Mix one teaspoon of Sarsaparilla juice with one cup of water. Stir well and drink it early morning in empty stomach. It has the ability to cleanse your blood from all the contaminants in it.

Liver Infection

  • Causes:  Liver infection can be caused by unhygienic food and fluids. The other known cause is the extended constipation condition.
  • Symptoms:  Discolored stool with occasional diarrhea condition is a common symptom of liver infection. Nausea and vomiting sensation, fatigue and feverish conditions are the other symptoms.
  • Treatment:  Consult your doctor and take the proper antibiotic for the elimination of impurities in your liver. Mix one spoon of turmeric powder with one spoon of honey, one spoon of neem oil and one spoon of Aloe. Mix in one glass of water and drink early in the morning. Repeat the procedures for 3 to 4 days to get relief from the pain.
  • Prevention:  Avoid unhygienic food and water sources. Drink plenty of water. Drink one glass of neem extract mixed water every morning to keep away from liver infections.

Food Poisoning

  • Causes:  The consumption of unhygienic food or water can lead to food poisoning.
  • Symptoms:  Frequent feeling of nausea and vomiting is the first sign of food poisoning. Constant pain below the belly button with irritation and burning sensation within the bowel regions is another symptom. Diarrhea can be unrelenting despite the medications you take for it.
  • Treatment:  Antibiotics are the first preferred treatment mode for food poisoning. They can clean the intestine and the liver off the unhygienic food and empty them. You can mix one spoon of Aloe with one spoon of neem oil and one spoon of honey. Drink the mix early in the morning for 2 to 3 days to get relief from the belly button pain. You can also apply a paste of turmeric powder mixed in castor oil and coconut oil. After mixing one spoon of each element and preparing a thin paste, you need to heat it to lukewarm temperature. Then you need to apply it on the belly button and around it. Apply the mix in the night and allow it to soak your belly till morning. Then you can wash it while showering.
  • Prevention: Avoid eating at unhygienic food preparation and distribution points. Always carry a bottle of pure mineral water when you go out. Avoid drinking water from taps and fountains in the public places.

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