Big Toe Joint Pain: Causes, Treatment And Prevention

big toe pain

The special significance of the big toe in most people is that this is the first point of contact for most activity that involves the foot. The peculiar nature and the difference the big toe has compared to the rest of the foot make any big toe joint pain significant in the experience of it.

Stresses that usually play on the foot are accentuated at the joint of the big toe as being the largest member of the foot, causes a lot more stress to be applied to it. This would be evident the very first instance someone were to bang the foot into a wall or a piece of furniture. It would be the largest member the big toe that would pain the most in a good number of cases.

Looking At Some Of The Causes Of Big Toe Joint Pain

It is the general tendency of parts of the body to be under pain if some sort of damage were to occur. This is very much the case with the big toe as well. Listed out are some common causes for pain in this the largest part of the front of feet.

Gout: This is a situation when the body has an excess build up of uric acid. While a good part of the uric acid is excreted out of the body, a significant increase in the acid happens at the joints of the feet. The big toe is a usual point where this build up occurs and this can lead to discomfiture and pain.

Injury: With the size and location of the big toe makes it the point of contact for the foot in almost any activity. This makes is a very natural part to get injured at most instances and it is hardly surprising that it is so. At times the stress placed can be hard enough to effect a fracture as well.

Arthritis: It is common for most people to have inflamed joints when advancing with age. This is primarily due to the loss of elasticity in joints as also the deterioration in the flexibility of joints. Further loss of movement happens as people age further and the joints of the big toe is particularly venerable to this phenomenon as the joint has a large cartilage part that keeps the member attached to the foot.

Turf Toe: This is a condition that is observed in people that involve themselves in quick start and hard stops sort of activities. It is typically the sportsmen that are usually stricken by this condition and can really be a very painful situation.

Simple Steps That Can Bring Relief And Remove The Pain In The Big Toe

The above conditions are what normally starts off a good bit of pain in the joints of the big toe. Unless there is trauma associated with the big toe, like jamming the foot against the door, it is mostly the joints of the toe that is the part in trouble. The cartilage that is usually part of any joint is in this instance as well the week point and this is typically where pains and swelling start.

Once a fair bit of understanding is had on the reasons for pain in the toe, it makes it simpler to overcome and prevent conditions that set off the pain in the first place. Often the steps in pain control are the only effective step available when it comes to controlling the situation.

Proper Shoes: The importance of a pair of good and well fitting shoes cannot be stressed enough. This is particularly so for people that spends long hours standing up or walking around. It is often the wrong type of shoes or footwear that would bring forth problems at old age and it would be too late to correct or rectify conditions then.

The big size of the toe ensures that pressure is applied in a larger proportion on it than the rest of the toes in the feet. Also a pair of shoes that has sufficiently large toe box to accommodate the size of the feet is very important.

Icepacks: There cannot be sufficient emphasize of ice packs when injuries of the big toe are concerned. It is usually a cold press that would relieve an injury quickly and this would also happen to be the very first line of action. Damage to body parts are contained by the use of ice packs.

Equally important to an ice pack is the application of heat or a hot compress. Whereas an ice pack restricts the circulation and hence limits the damage; the heat increases the blood flow to aid in faster healing.

Stretching Exercises: It is important to stretch before and after any rigorous exercise. This not only improves the blood flow but aids in faster recovery and brings the body to a ready posture. Often people take this bit of stretching rather lightly and the consequences would manifest itself after sometime. Sports doctors would stress the importance and would vouch for the many instances when injury could have been avoided if a simple stretch had been done.

Massages: The role of massages in sports and the recovery of athletes are well documented. That does not mean that a good massage should only be done in sports activities. It is possible for most people to have a good massage particularly if the person is physically very active.

The repair and recuperating powers of a good massage are well documented and it is time that people understood this fully.

Taking Care Of The Big Toe

There is no emphasizing the need for anyone to take good care of the feet and particularly the big toe. The big toe is not just large in size without a reason. It is a wise sports man that would understand the role that the big toe in a foot in absorbing punishment. Proper care of any body part would ensure a injury less and painless experience.

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