Chest Pain On Right Side: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

chest pain

The people, assuming them results of gastric, acidity and acid refluxes, often ignore the earliest signs of chest pain on the right side. It is only when the symptoms assume critical proportions people start taking serious note and consulting the doctors.

The best-recommended practice is to keep track of the mildest symptoms and get the proper treatment at the right time. The signs show the probability of disorder in the function of lungs, cardiovascular system, nervous system and the blood vessels. You need to get the proper diagnosis conducted before opting for the medication and treatment procedures.

Right chest pain can occur most frequently among heavy drinkers and alcoholics. This is mostly due to the poor circulation of oxygenated blood in the region. The volume of stress during periods of bouts also causes panic attacks. They are not only limited to this category but also average persons above the age group of 45+.

Chest Pain On Right Side – Most Common Causes

  • Bronchitis: Blocking of the air passage to the lungs can occur at the left and right part of the trachea. The right branch is located very closer to the right side of the chest. This can happen due to excess smoking, infections or the blockage of trachea due to expansion of the tubes. Illnesses like asthma and sinus can also block the trachea on the right side.
  • Depression: The stress caused by severe depression results in right chest pain. This is more due to emotional distress. Among some of the people, it appears with mild or medium intensity. For the others it might become critical or chronic in nature. As long as it is in the mild and moderate states, you can choose to have home based treatments to relieve the pain. At a later stage, you need to consult your physician and take the proper medication.
  • Medicines: Consumption of certain capsules, syrups, injections and other medications can result in right chest pain. This is mainly due to the accumulation of the chemicals and the drugs from these medications.
  • Foods: Allergic reaction to certain types of foods can cause chest pain on the right side. This can result from internal organs like intestine or the liver and pancreas. Acidic and spicy foods can irritation and pain on the right chest.
  • Heartburn: Heartburn is one sort of disorder caused by the excessively acidic stomach. This can cause reflux of food in the tube leading to the stomach from the mouth. This is mainly due to the hydrochloric acid, which is among the strongest of the acids.
  • Hernia: Hiatus is one form of the hernia, which can lead to right chest pain in the thorax region.
  • Obesity: Obesity is the top reason for the occurrence of chest pain on right side. This is due to the enhanced blood pressure in the right blood vessels resulting from fat and cholesterol accumulation.
  • Others: The other common causes could be pregnancy, excessive eating, constipation etc.

Chest Pain On Right Side – Symptoms

  • Continuous pain caused by contraction of muscles
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Heartburn
  • Panic attack
  • Constant irritation and restlessness
  • Breathlessness

Treatment Methods

  • Bronchitis: Your first task during the bronchitis attack is to apply the chest pack. You need to do it after a gap of 6 hours. Inhalation of steam and consumption of copious water can provide immediate relief to the patient. The other cause of right chest pain could be asthma for which the patient needs to take the medication and treatment as advised by the doctor. Giving a hot footbath to the patient during pain attack can also relieve it to certain extent. You need to rush the patient to the doctor after the initial treatments at home.
  • Depression: Depression is the common psychological problem, which can cause panic attack. This can result in severe chest pain on the right. Your first task is to apply the chest pack and monitor the status for the next 5 to 6 minutes. If you know about the panic attack, the next step is to move the patient away from the attack location to a safer zone. This can help in reducing the intensity of pain to a considerable extent. Make the patient bend over and pour cold water over the back of the right shoulder. You can also use a vaporizer with menthol mixed water.
  • Medicines: Make the patient drink hot water mixed with garlic and ginger. This will eliminate the toxic effects of the medicines temporarily, giving relief. However, the effects of the medicines can have long lasting effects. Hence, it is essential for the patient to stop the usage of certain specific medicines and switch over to an alternate. You can do so only after consultations with the doctor and proper advice.
  • Foods: Mix one part of seawater salt with two parts of lukewarm water. Drink 2 or 3 cups. Wait for 20 minutes. The process of elimination during this time removes all the allergic foods. Avoid drinking water or any other liquid during this time.
  • Heartburn: You need to make the patient drink water in large quantities. This is the first step, which helps in reducing the volume and erects of hydrochloric acid on the chest. Frequent consumption of raw potato juice can help overcome the problem.
Right Chest Pain – Preventive Care

Brisk walking, consumption of water, antioxidant juice and raw potato juice are some of the generic preventive measures. Since the chest pain could be prelude to more serious health issues, you need to take the patient to the doctor for treatment.

The patient has to follow the preventive measures as suggested by the expert. Then s/he will be able to stay away from right chest pain for considerable time. Frequent consolations with the family doctor and tests can be helpful in detecting any probability of pain in the future.

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