Lower Back Pain On The Left Side: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

man with back painThe advanced medications and therapeutic procedures for the lower back pain on the left side are meant for the diagnosis, analysis and determination of the exact causes. They consider the symptoms and the related effects on the patients’ body and brain due to the specific cause.

Then the specialists determine the exact medical procedures required for healing the diseases/ disorders. The other option for treatment after diagnosis is the home based remedy.

Home based remedies are stated to be effective for the mild and transitional types of infections, illnesses and common types of disorders. They can also benefit in post therapy or surgical home care for the patients.

Many of the doctors recommend home remedies for preventive care in the post surgical recovery period also. The usage of proper ingredients for home remedy can enhance the effects of healing and recovery.

Probable Causes

  • Improper Posture: Common causes of left lower back pain can be observed in your everyday activities. Improper posture is stated to be one of the biggest contributors. Sitting, sleeping, standing, walking and running body postures can contribute to a great extent. The muscle strain effects can be highly intensive in nature which put pressure on the bones and the part of spinal cord.
  • Aging Effects: Aging reduces the muscle mass and bone density by considerable percentage. The heavy load of stress on the lower part can cause pain. In many patients the pain seems to remain throughout the day, giving some relief during the night after they consume the medication and go to bed.
  • Obesity Effects: Obesity is another common cause which results in lower back pain. The stress on the bones and muscles in the area gets multiplied due to the unbalanced body weight.
  • Kidney Infections: Most of the kidney infections staring from the urinary tract and bladders can cause left lower back pain. According to the experts this is stated to be due to the inflammation effects which can affect the spinal cord and the left part of the back.
  • Pregnancy Condition: The stress on the lower back left side muscles increase significantly during pregnancy. This could be caused by the pressure exerted on the spinal cord above the left hip by the growing baby.
  • Pancreas Infection: The inflammation caused by the pancreas infection can reduce the muscle strength and bone density in the left lower part of the backbone. The concentration of toxic elements and the swelling can combine to increase the pain.
  • Nerve Tissues:  Damages to the nerve tissues in the lower left side can cause severe pain and discomfort. Arthritis, traumatic stress and infections can cause the nerves to get damaged.
  • Muscle Imbalance: The sacroiliac joint in the lower left region of the back can be susceptible to sudden impacts from external stress and injuries. This can cause imbalance in the muscles of the hip, sacroiliac and the spinal areas, causing pain. This pain can be mild in some cases and chronic in others.

Symptoms And Treatments

Improper Posture

  • Symptoms: Mild sensations of irritation in the initial stages lead to continuous pain. Difficulty in sitting and standing is followed by constant fatigue due to stress.
  • Treatment: Home remedies include raw potato juice, Ginger syrup, turmeric powder and Aloe Vera. Turmeric. Take two fresh potatoes and peel the skin. Cut them into small slices and blend them with cup of water. Three spoons of grated ginger can be blended with half cup of water to prepare the syrup. Similarly one spoon of turmeric and honey can be mixed with half cup of water. You can consume this early in the morning and before going to bed for relieving the pain.
  • Prevention: Regular exercises for the lower back include bench press, swimming, stretches and pushups. Massaging the lower left part with Aloe Vera and eucalyptus oil can relieve the pain. Avoid smoking and reduce the alcohol intake to mild wine.

Obesity Effects

  • Symptoms: Mild to severe pain with discomfort in movement. Early morning lethargy followed by fatigue and stress on the lower parts of the left back. Persisting pain makes it difficult to sit and work for extended hours. Frequent feeling of breathlessness makes it difficult to climb stairs.
  • Treatment: Home remedies include potato and ginger juice. You need to drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juice to reduce the fat concentration.
  • Prevention: Slimming down is the best preventive measure for avoiding left lower back pain. Brisk walking, cycling, knee twist, hamstring stretches and swimming are considered good for fat burning.

Kidney Infections

  • Symptoms: Persistent back pain and fatigue are the initial symptoms. Constant irritation in the urinary bladder with pain and difficulty in urination is the other symptom. The pain seems to increase while walking.
  • Treatment: Consuming lots of water and fresh fruit juices (mainly watermelon and pomegranate) can help reduce the irritation and enable urination. Aloe Vera, neem and honey can be mixed in equal proportions with water for daily consumption. You need to consult your doctor for curing the urinary infection as early as possible.
  • Prevention: Personal hygiene, antioxidant foods, water and fruit juices are considered to be reliable preventive measures. Regular exercises like swimming and brisk walking can help reduce the back pain to considerably lower levels.

Muscle Imbalance

  • Symptoms: Inability for walking and sitting over extended period. Constant pain in the lower back accompanied with fatigue and lethargy.
  • Treatment: Physiotherapy is considered as the primary treatment method to get faster relief. Drink plenty of tender coconut water and antioxidant fruit juices.
  • Prevention: Regular exercises like brisk walking and lighter workout with bench press and light weights will help in setting the balance of muscles. Avoid strong alcoholic beverages and drink plenty of water regularly. It is better to stop smoking for ensuring long relief from pain and feeling of discomfort.

Note: Regular massaging with OTC herbal oils and exercises related to the lumbar can be the best preventive care solutions.

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