Pain Behind The Eye: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

eye painPain behind eye can result from fever, headache, sinusitis, cold, dry eyes, scleritis, or optical nerve problem. Initially the pain may be mild to moderate. When left untreated it can become severe and numbing.

Migraine is another known cause for this sort of pain. It is better to get yourself diagnosed before deciding on the course of treatment.

Avoid any sort of self medication without consulting your doctor. The scope of home remedies is limited to healing of non-critical pain related to common causes. They can also be useful in speeding up the haling process when combined with medicines and treatments from your doctor.

Pain Behind The Eye – Causes And Treatments


  • Causes: The inflammation of sinus cavity due to infection can cause extra pressure on the areas behind the eyes, resulting in pain. It can be often persistent and severe.
  • Symptoms:  Persistent headache with pain behind the eyes is a common symptom. Nose blocks and mucus formation in the sinus cavity are the other symptoms.
  • Treatment: Consult your doctor for the antibiotic to cure sinusitis condition. Your first task is to clear the mucus formation in the cavity. For this you can add few dopes and eucalyptus oil in hot water and inhale the vapors. This can provide relief to some extent. Add one spoon of garlic paste, pinch of cardamom, one spoon of honey and one spoon of lemon juice. Mix well and add half cup of warm water. You can drink it thrice a day for 2 days to clear the mucus formation. Once the mucus is cleared, your eye pain will be healed naturally.
  • Prevention:  Consult your specialist and find out a method for healing the sinusitis problem permanently.

Dry Eyes

  • Causes:  Dry eyes can be caused due to lack of proteins, vitamins and other essential fluids in the eye layers.
  • Symptoms: Constant irritation in the eyes and pain behind the eyes. Sometimes the feeling of itching might force you to scratch the skin around the eyes, making the pain worse than before.
  • Treatment: Consult your eye specialist and get the eye drops to relieve the dry eye syndrome. He can also prescribe the vitamin capsules required to get rid of the dye eyes problem.
  • Prevention:  Get your eyes tested once in 6 months to check the water and fluid content. Wear spectacles while going out to avoid dust and heat. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices.


  • Causes:  The inflammation in the exterior of the eyeball can be caused by infections, heat and adverse climatic conditions. In other instances it can be caused by lupus, weak optic nerves, light sensitivity of the eyes and other infections.
  • Symptoms:  Redness in the eyes with persistent pain behind the eyes. The pain can be relentless with difficulty in opening the eyes.
  • Treatment: Consult your doctor to get the right antibiotic for the healing of scleritis. Apply the paste of sandalwood powder and turmeric powder to relieve the irritation and burning sensation to certain extent. Since inflammation in the bowel could be one of the causes, you might need to get the medications top cure the inflammation. Detailed diagnosis by your doctor helps in determining the exact cause and the related treatment.
  • Prevention:  Drink plenty of water and fruit juices. Keep your bowels free of any infections and inflammation. Consult your eye specialist for the medications to strengthen the optic nerves.


  • Causes: Migraines could be caused by allergic reactions from food, aromatic substances and excess of stress.
  • Symptoms:  Persistent pain behind the eyes with headache is a common symptom of migraine. You might experience pain while reading, watching TV or performing activities which cause strain to the eyes.
  • Treatment: Consult your doctor and take medication for migraine. You will need the treatments for stress removal. Massaging your forehead, temples and the area around the eyes with one spoon of Aloe + Coconut oil + few drops of castor oil + lavender oil can help in relieving the pain considerably.
  • Prevention: Avoid allergic foods, fragrances, chemicals and other substances that can trigger migraine. Consume the medicines prescribed by your doctor for migraine. Avoid stress factors in your everyday life.

Weak Optic Nerves

  • Causes: Weak optic nerves can be caused by vitamin and protein deficiency. Post eye surgery effects can also make the nerves to go weak.
  • Symptoms:  Pain behind the eyes followed by shivering of the eyelids and blur vision. You might also get frequent headache.
  • Treatment:  Vitamin capsules and supplements can help in healing the weak optic nerves. Fish oil can strengthen the optic nerves considerably.
  • Prevention: Nutritious foods rich in minerals, vitamins and other nutrients can prevent the recurrence of pain behind the eyes due to weak optic nerves. Cod-liver oil capsules can be useful in strengthening the nerves and the internal organs in your eyes.

Intraocular Pressure

  • Causes:  The acute buildup of pressure in the intraocular nerves can cause severe pain behind the eyes. It can be persistent in nature or occur frequently.
  • Symptoms:  Pain behind the eyes with poor vision is the first symptom of intraocular pressure called glaucoma. Nausea and vomiting sensations are the other symptoms.
  • Treatment: The treatment of glaucoma has to be done by a specialist with experience. The eye drops and medicines can provide temporary relief. Consult your eye specialist and follow his instruction for the treatment procedures.
  • Prevention:  Onset of glaucoma cannot be prevented as it could be related to age and other unavoidable factors.

Other Causes

The other causes for pain behind your eyes could be Hypoglycemia, eye infections or brain related issues. Consult your doctor to get the right medication and treatment. Eye exercises and continuous hydration of the eyes could help in preventing many of the causes of pain naturally.

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