Pain Under The Left Rib Cage: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

women with ribs painA sharp and relentless pain under the left rib cage is often confused with heart problems. This could be due to the spreading of pain from the origin to the upper regions of your body including the lungs and heart. You might feel breathless for a few seconds, followed by sheer sense of fatigue.

A detailed diagnosis by your doctor will be able to reveal the actual problem. The pain could be from heartburn or problems in the kidney, intestine, pancreas or other causes.  In this section, you can read about some of the common causes of this pain other than cardiac arrest.

Pain Under The Left Rib Cage – Probable Causes


  • Causes: Streptococcus is one of the main causes of pneumonia that affects the lungs, resulting in inflammation. The infections from fungi and worms can also cause pneumonia. Frequent exposure to chemical fumes while working in laboratories is the other known cause.
  • Symptoms: Initial symptoms could start with cold and sore throat. You can experience surge in coughing with fluid deposition in the lungs. In many instances, this leads to severe stress on the chest region. Sweating increases with frequent feverish feeling. Mild pain in the lower left rib cage might shoot up suddenly, lasting for few minutes.
  • Treatment: Initial home treatment may start with change of food pattern. The experts recommend veggie and fruit diet. Add one spoon of Fenugreek, garlic, linseed and little salt to a bowl. Prepare a paste and mix with one glass of pure water. You can consume it early in the morning for a week. You can experience considerable healing within this period. You may also add one spoon of honey as an antioxidant ingredient. This can help in cleaning the bronchial pipes. Massaging the left rib cage region with turpentine can help in healing at a faster rate.
  • Prevention: Avoid eating stale and unhygienic food. Eating raw vegetables and consuming raw fruit juice can help in increasing the immunity factors. Practice hygiene in bathing, clothing, home cleaning, cooking and eating methods. Avoid smoking and strong alcoholic beverages.

Metabolic Disorder

  • Causes: Indigestion is one of the most common causes followed by constipation. Uncontrolled food consumption, caffeine, nicotine, antibiotic, stress and lack of digestive enzymes can be some of the common causes.
  • Symptoms: Abnormal gas formation in the intestine, pain in the abdomen, nausea and vomiting are some of the common symptoms in the initial stages. Mild signs of constipation and inability to eliminate could the next stage of symptom. Frequent sweating followed by feverish condition is the next stage of symptom. Mild to moderate pain in the lower left rib cage with frequent “cramp” feeling is another prominent symptom.
  • Treatment: You have to drink plenty of pure water. Start your day with one liter of water. Add one spoon of garlic, black pepper powder and basil powder. Mix in three spoons of citrus fruit juice or Aloe Vera and one glass of water. You can also add ½ spoon of ginger to increase the effects. Consume early in the morning after drinking water.
  • Prevention: Avoid milk and dairy products, poultry products and junk foods. Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages. Reduce spicy ingredients in your food. Start your day with one liter of pure water early in the morning. You can drink one glass of watermelon juice mixed with one spoon of Aloe Vera and a piece of ginger after a gap of 15 minutes. Practice brisk walking for 15-20 minutes early in the morning.


  • Causes: Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and spicy foods could be the main causes. Side effects of prescribed medicines, acidity and oily foods can also cause heartburns.
  • Symptoms: Sense of bitterness in the intestine is the first symptom. Sour taste in the throat and mouth follows. Acid reflux and nausea can result in headache and burning sensation in the intestine and chest area. Severe pain in the lower left rib cage is the next stage of You will be able to observe the symptoms while they are in the initial stages.
  • Treatment: Add one spoon of ginger, garlic, honey and Aloe Vera juice in a bowl. Mince well and add one glass of water. You have to consume it thrice during the day for 5 to 6 days.
  • Prevention: Avoid hard and frothy alcoholic beverages. Stop eating acidic foods. Switch to pure Vegan foods for the next week. Drink plenty of pure water and antioxidant/acidic fruit juices.

Lung Inflammation

  • Causes: Lung infection caused by bacteria or nicotine & tobacco could be the main causes of pain in the lower left rib cage. Fluid deposition in the lungs due to cold and sinusitis could be another cause. There are also other causes like cold climatic conditions, exposure to hot and humid climate, chemical fumes etc.
  • Symptoms: Frequent cough followed by blocking of nasal canals. Nausea with headache and pain in the chest region are the next symptoms. Mild itchy sensation in the lower left rib can develop into acute pain. This could be the sign of intensive fluid deposits in the lungs.
  • Treatment: Hot press in the chest region followed by massaging with ginger & garlic mixed warm water can give relief from pain. Add one spoon of ginger powder, 2 pieces of cardamom, one piece of garlic and one spoon of honey. Mix well and add to one glass of water. Consume this combination thrice in a day before meal. You need to wait for 15 minutes after the consumption before eating. Hot water press on the chest area can provide immediate relief. If you do not get any relief or results after 3 days, you need to contact the specialist and take advice for the further treatments.
  • Prevention: You have to avoid smoking (at any rate until you get over the problem) and reduce alcohol consumption. Wear nose and mouth protective mask while driving your car and motorcycle. Avoid cold foods and beverages.

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