Right Arm Numbness: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

women withc arm pain problemsOften people complain of a dead right arm or right arm numbness as soon as they wake up from a slumber.  Most folks do not take this sort of numbness seriously and often there are a number of home remedies or solutions that are used to tackle the condition.

If whatever is applied to combat the condition brings immediate and lasting relief, then it could be a simple matter of circulation.  It is often the case that an impaired circulation does cause a certain amount of numbness to the arm.

There are a number of conditions of the body that manifests itself in a numb arm and particularly the right arm.  The condition should be considered serious if the numbness does persist for longer periods or that the numbness occurs in the same pattern for extended periods of time.  Of particular interest is when there are secondary signs that accompany the numbness of the right arm.

Right Arm Numbness: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention

Physical Injuries

  • Causes: There are varied and different causes of trauma or injury that can occur to the right arm. It could occur due to accidents and physical injuries at any point of time in a person’s life.
  • Symptoms: A certain feeling of numbness that does not go away or that one which reoccurs persistently is not a good sign. This is an indication that the physical injury is more serious than previously considered. Often there can be discoloration of the surrounding area or on the arm directly that points of a more serious condition.  Often when an anti-inflammatory cream does not bring lasting relief, it is a sign that serious damage has occurred.  If the pain is accompanied by a swelling, it is a sign that there could be fractures of the bone of the arm.
  • Treatment: A simple reason could disappear with a good rub down with a relaxant cream. It is the more serious conditions that need an x-ray and further follow up.  In any case persistent numbness in the arm no matter which side does warrant an x-ray examination.  More complicated treatment methods like body traction and the likes could be used on a person depending on the need for it.  It is best left to a qualified doctor to make such a decision.
  • Prevention: Trauma at best should be avoided. In case due to unavoidable situations the damage to the right arm cannot be avoided or is inadvertent, it is best advised to seek proper medical care.  The very varied and wanton nature of damage to body parts that an accident or physical abuse brings about would ensure that injury at times cannot be controlled or avoided.

Herpes Attack

  • Causes: A numb right arm can be caused by the herpes virus that is usually virulent in nature. The very infectious nature of the disease would make this a particularly bad infection to pick up and the entire house hold could end up catching the disease.
  • Symptoms: The numbness of the right arm is accompanied by rashes that can occur on the face as well. The rashes can be localized either to the left part of the body or the right half without any set pattern.  There might be some pus formed in blisters on the body as well.
  • Treatment: It is the usual practice to place the victim on a course of antibiotics. This is to prevent any secondary infection from occurring and is precautionary in nature.  The virus must be left to body to build up anti-bodies that effectively fight the condition till its removal.  Seldom does a person get a remission of the condition in his lifetime.
  • Prevention: The most simple and uncomplicated way of combating the condition is to prevent its occurrence. Patients must be kept isolated and further infection thus prevented.  Droplets of body fluids must not be allowed to be formed either by way of sneezing or coughing.  This only propagates the condition.


  • Causes: A stroke is best described as the equivalent of a heart attack to the brain. Thus the brain shuts down to prevent further damage and limit the spread of malfunctioning of the brain. It is a method that the brain adopts to limit damage and hence prevent more serious conditions from forming.  It is usually people that do not keep a healthy profile in general that are stricken by a stroke.
  • Symptoms: The usual symptom of a stroke is numbness to the extremities but more restricted to the upper body. Thus people experiencing a numb right arm or any arm for that matter must check to be sure that it is not as a result of a stroke.  Most strokes sleek in silently and without any warning before hand.  A numb right arm followed by difficulty in speaking and swallowing saliva is sure sign of a stroke.
  • Treatment: It is important that the condition is rightly identified as a stroke and quickly too. The faster a stroke is recognized the better is the time to respond and the right response as well.  The best place a person with a possible stroke should be is a good hospital with the proper doctors.  Most hospitals these days would be properly equipped to provide support and continuity of treatment to a stroke patient.
  • Prevention: There would not be a certain single step to prevent the occurrence of a stroke. It is best that a person gets a health check up to measure the body parameters like cholesterol and such constituents of the body.  There is certainly a need to have a good general health and people that do maintain a good physical health is bound to be less stricken with a stroke.  There are a number of food items like olives, fresh fruits, and the likes that boost the good cholesterol levels in the body.  A diet that is rich in antioxidants is useful to prevent strokes as well.

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