It Is Not A Good Sign To Be Waking Up With Headaches

women with headachesA simple headache while waking up does not augur too well. Particularly if it is accompanied by many more symptoms like sore muscles, paining abdomen, etc.

Thus the reason a person consistently keeps waking up with headaches need to be further studied and a possible solution found to the condition.

The reason that the brain is the head quarters of the entire body makes any pain or ache on it significant.  Most instances of serious diseases are usually announced by a headache or a fever.   Thus it is not to be ignored at any cost.

What Could Lead To Waking Up With Headaches And Drab Mornings?

Tension Headaches

  • Causes: The brain could well be where information is processed and stored. It thus functions as a nerve centre to the entire body.  If a person were to lead a tension filled life with constant worries, it is only natural that this is reflected in his health.  Thus early morning headaches that usually accompany the waking person is a good sign of tension in a person’s life.
  • Symptoms: A searing headache that seems to welcome a person to the troubles of the day is what sets apart this type of ache. Of particular significance is the presence of additional signs like a tightness of the chest, tenderness around the neck and shoulders, etc.  The severe cause of tension leads to an added feeling of nausea in the mornings as well.
  • Treatment: Most doctors prescribe an analgesic when confronted with this condition but it is generally a change of lifestyles that is so required for a person. There are a number of more permanent solutions offered by practitioners of alternate systems of medicine.
  • Prevention: The best prevention to a tense body is to introduce a good exercise routine to the person’s life. It can be done at the start of the day or towards the fag end of the day when most people would need a bit of relaxation to relieve the hard parts to working the whole day.  Most headaches of this nature are best combated with change in lifestyles that is so laden with pressures and tensions of all manners.


  • Causes: This is a condition that is best described as lack of sleep. This general term describes almost all the states that a body lacking sleep undergoes.  There are different causes of insomnia and different contributing factors to sleeplessness. They can be stress at work, incompatibility with someone at work or at home, not attaining any suitable position in life and what have you.  It is thus a more of a psychological condition rather than a physical state.
  • Symptoms: The most significant part to insomnia is lack of sleep. There could be other accompanying symptoms like a searing headache, body pains, or at times a bitter taste to the mouth, and a lot more symptoms.  Thus the specifics of a case are more dependent on the person than the actual condition.  With most chronic insomnia patients there would be a lot more symptoms that cannot be simply bunched into categories but is more specific to a particular case.
  • Treatment: As the symptoms typically vary with person to person, it is only natural that the treatment plans changes from person to person. Thus a lot of methods are used that work to a particular person and might not be important in another case.  This is where mental conditioning and things like counseling of patients play an important role in finding a more long term solution to the problem.
  • Prevention: It would be safe to say that to some extent all insomnia is preventable. It is more of a mind thing than anything else and with most people they are better at handling the pressures be it at work or at home better and thus will be able to take care of the issue once and for all.  There are usually issues that certain medications throw up and this is normally temporary in nature.  This can be referred to a doctor to have medications issued for some time that a person gets used to any new medication.

Blood Sugar

  • Causes: The condition of too high a blood sugar is described as being diabetic. The six or more hours of sleep that a healthy person does is at often in a rest state.  This would lower the blood sugar of most people as compared to a normal awake state.  Thus the awaking of people if followed by a head ache is a sure sign that something is wrong with this process.
  • Symptom: A shooting headache that goes away with time and as a person gets to be more active in the day. There might be other associated symptoms like a dry mouth or a hungry feeling as they wake up.
  • Treatment: The above can be a serious issue and in a number of instances the control of diet does help to a large extent with the condition. But in case it does not come under control, it is best advised to consult a diabetic’s clinic after taking a reference from the family physician.  The need to particularly control the food intake at bed time does help in the containment of this situation.
  • Prevention: Most cases of high blood sugar are today taken as a lifestyle disease rather than as any life threatening condition. The increased awareness of the conditions of various diseases only add to the better control and containment of this condition as any lifestyle conditions.  The need to adjust the diet to the advancement in age is a crucial factor in controlling high or irregular blood sugar.

If there could be a blanket solution to a bad headache, it is here with a morning headache.  The prevalence and obscurity that this condition is kept in by a lot of people, has made its treatment hard and difficult to analyze.

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