Alternative Medicines For Skin Care

alternative skincare

Skin care with alternate medicines is provided through home remedies, Ayurvedic herbal treatments, Chinese skin care, Japanese skin treatments, Allopathic solutions and many others.

Most of these methods use ingredients derived from plants, roots, fruits, nuts and natural oils, dairy products, and algae. They are relatively free from synthetic and chemical ingredients and hence have near zero side effects (unless your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients).

They are extensively used in skin treatments for allergies, infections and diseases. Skin effects from surgical, therapeutic and medical treatments for diseases like skin cancer, herpes, tumours and other terminal diseases can also be cured with these alternative medicines.

Duration of treatment with alternative medicines depends on the nature and intensity of skin disorder, type of your skin and the effects of medication and therapy on it.

Ayurvedic Skin Care

The science of Ayurveda has existed since many centuries before Christ. It remained popular in the Indian sub continent and parts of Asia until the Europeans arrived in India. They spread its awareness and applications in the western world. Today you can find Ayurvedic medicines being prepared and used all over the world.

  • Most of the Ayurvedic medications prescribe specific diet pattern in order to make them effective. Failure to follow these diet guidelines may not produce desired results. In some cases when the skin infections and diseases are in acute stage, deviation from diet plan may produce negative results.
  • Duration of treatment and healing is relatively longer compared to mainstream of medications and treatments. For example you have skin irritation for which you take OTC medicines. It may take one or two days to get cured, but it may take about a week with Ayurvedic medicines. However it also provides long lasting immunity to that specific type of irritation for our skin.
  • Probability of infections or diseases relapses is very rare with Ayurvedic medications and treatments, except in cases where the healed patients fail to follow the post treatment diet and lifestyle guidelines.
  • Beauty and skin care in Ayurveda mainly consists of oils extracted from various flowers, plant roots and stem and herbs. These are called as essential oils. They need the support of base (carrier) oils like vegetable oils, seed oils and other nut oils to make them penetrate into the skin layers and work effectively.

Chinese Skin and Beauty Care

Chinese skin and beauty care ingredients comprise of elements like cinnamomum subavanium, zebra fish embryo, Japonica, Tsubaki oil, bush warbler, soybeans, ginseng, rice wine, gooseberry, snow lotus, milk butter, flower oils, turmeric, ginger, garlic and other spices and many more.

These elements are mixed in various proportions to prepare beauty care products for skin, face, eyes, hair, lips and nails. Similar ingredients could be found in Japanese and Korean skin care products.

Nature’s Alternative Skin Care

Natural alternative skin care for beautification involves many ingredients which you can use to prepare homemade beauty care recipes. There are three basic steps involved in this process namely cleansing, moisturizing and toning.

Skin Cleansing Alternate Methods

Restoration of phospholipids is one way in which your skin could be made to get the ability for retaining moisture content within its cells. This is possible by adopting alternate methods for the skin treatment procedures.

The structure of your skin plays an important role in determining the best alternate methods for skin cleansing.

For example consider the structure of epidermis layer. Keratinocytes make up for most part of this layer. The other cells which make up this layer are melanocytes and Langerhans. Since the type of each skin varies, your skin requires specific method for complete cleansing.

  • Cleaning Dry Skin

You could use a combination of castor oil, honey, lemon juice and gooseberry extract for cleaning dry types of skin. Honey provides the required level of moisture while castor oil helps in the restoration of oil content within the dry skin.

Lemon juice is used for removing the dead skin layers. In case the volume of dead skin is higher in your skin, you can alternately choose apple cider vinegar to enhance the exfoliation levels of your skin.

  • Cleaning Oily Skin

While cleaning oily skin you need to avoid ingredients which can increase the oily content that already exist in your skin. You can opt for apple cider vinegar, eucalyptus oil, Neem leaves’ extract and Basil leaves extract.

As additive elements you could choose Aloe Vera liquid and honey. Though honey appears to be sticky in nature it is free from oily and unhealthy fat content which can create complications in your oily skin.

  • Cleaning Sin

This is said to be highly tricky as the skin consists of both dry as well as oily parts. Most of the focus is on the facial skin wherein the T-Zone is oily in nature and rest of skin like chin is dry. However if you observe carefully, the skin areas which get exposed frequently to the sun are dry in nature compared to the other parts which remain relatively covered.

The skin parts where sweat deposition is high will be normally oily in nature. So you need a home remedy which can be applicable to both types of skin.

For the dry parts on your facial skin you can use a combination of honey, cucumber extract, watermelon slices and toned milk to prepare a cleansing lotion.

For the oily parts in your skin you need to opt for apple cider vinegar, eucalyptus oil, Neem leaves’ extract and Basil leaves extract. As additive elements you could choose Aloe Vera liquid and honey.

Home Skin Care Methods

Alternative skin care treatments at home is done with the help of herbal, spices, fruits, vegetables, essential oils and vegetable oil ingredients. There are no strict rules for the combination of ingredients, but recommended ones will be based on the type of skin, existing health conditions, present climatic conditions and nature of application like beauty are, infection & diseases healing, immunization or overall skin health care.

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