Best Tips For Natural Skin Treatment

natural skin treatment

Natural skin treatments can be aimed at disinfection, disorders cure, immunization and skin health recovery.

Duration of composition of ingredients depend on the stages of skin disorder, affected skin zone, nature of skin and its present health condition. Some of the important natural treatments discussed in this article include:

  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema


The external/ internal skin inflammation accompanied with constant feeling of itch, red spots on skin, temperature variation and occasional pain is called skin dermatitis. This is actually a result of allergic reaction from the skin which could lead to infections if left untreated in the initial stages.

  • Visible symptoms

Initially the disorder appears in the form of red spots all over the skin or at some localized spots. This is called as Erythema stage. When it is left untreated it slowly progresses to the next stage called edema which is characterized by swelling of red spots.

Since swelling blocks the skin pores in that region, the excretion of sweat, bad blood, and other toxic elements form a fluid which fills the swelling. The swellings break open with outpour of fluids. Deposition of fluid may form into crusts which get harder with time. This is said to be the stage of dermatitis.

  • Probable Causes

Chemical liquids and fumes are one of the major causes of dermatitis. Some types of plants also cause dermatitis when your skin comes into contact with them. Penicillin, mercury, sulfur and other drug related chemicals can also cause this disorder. Other probable sources are perfumes, synthetic clothes, woolen materials and detergents. If you have sensitive or combination type of skin, the probability of getting contacted with dermatitis is said to be more.

Natural Treatment

  • First few weeks are spent entirely on diet control. Only fruits and juices of apple, grape, watermelon, pineapple and papaya. Veggies include raw salads made of carrot, cabbage, nuts and few fruits. After about two weeks food is changed to grains, veggies and fruits combinations. At the end of two weeks the next stage of treatment is recommended.
  • Hydrotherapy with warm water is the first step in treatment after 2 to 3 weeks of fruitarian and veggies diet. Warm water is passed from the rectum region as enema. It cleans the bowels, large intestine, small intestine, liver, kidneys and digestive and elimination tracts. During the first week this treatment is given every day. Then the doctor decides on the basis of progress.
  • Next stage of treatment includes salt water bath soda bicarbonate and essential oils. This is when the dermatitis affected regions start getting healed. Visible results can be experienced by the end of treatment period with almost 80% of critical symptoms healing. The doctor prescribes few herbal preparations and diet for the next period of time. The duration depends on the level of healing achieved at the end of in-house treatment.


This is a skin disease which is accompanied with red spots, occasional bumps and frequent inflammation. When it is left untreated in the initial stages it turns into pustules. Pustules are the results of skin inflammation caused by skin allergens.

  • Symptoms

The symptoms start developing slowly in the initial stages when red spots and rashes appear. Soon they turn into inflammations at various parts of skin. Most affected areas are facial skin, neck, hands and chest. Body temperature increases to abnormal levels during this period. T

his is the stage when the affected skin starts accumulating toxic wastes from the inflammations and develops bumps with fluid deposition. Symptoms get worse during nights as the bed linen traps body heat and allows no room for cooling. Bumps open up and fluid outflow forms into thick crusts on the skin layer.

As the crusts start drying up the skin gets itchy feelings. Skin layers start scaling. This is said to be the critical stage of Eczema.

  • Probable Causes

Foods, chemicals, detergents and soaps, perfumes and toiletries are said to be some of the probable common causes for the initial stages of Eczema. When the allergy turns into infections after the bumps burst, various infectious bacteria and viruses cause the allergy to turn into skin infection.

Natural Treatment

In cases of mild and moderate Eczema the patient is given two types of treatment. One is in the form of diet and the other in the form of skin massages.

  • Diet treatment concentrates on raw fruits and veggies with zero fat, cholesterol, meat and acidity causing foods. Plenty of fruit juices and raw veggies are fed to the patient three times a day. Caffeine, alcohol and nicotine are avoided. The initial diet treatment continues for a period of 2 to three weeks. Then the massage treatment starts.
  • Herbal oils made from ginseng, Guggul, coconut oil are applied on affected skin areas and a complete massage is given to the patient. This treatment continues for about two weeks. By this time most of the symptoms gets healed to considerable extent. The follow up treatment continues for about 2 weeks with food control and herbal medications.

When the symptoms reach critical or chronic stages it requires hydrotherapy to clean the toxic elements deposited in the patient’s internal organs like liver, large intestine and other metabolic organs. Warm water mixed with special herbal compounds is made to pass though the rectum region into the patient’s body. It cleanses the toxic waste deposited.

This treatment is continued for a period of two weeks. At the end of treatment most of symptoms would have healed. Follow up treatment will be continued in the firm of diet plan and herbal medications for the next 10 to 15 days.

NOTE: Eczema symptoms or the allergy itself cannot be cured forever. They are only healed and kept under control. The patient must stay away from all the sources of allergy and follow the guidelines strictly in order to avoid relapse of Eczema in the future after healing.

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