Cellulite – What Is It And Where Does It Come From?


Cellulite (medical name: lipodystrophy) is nothing but wrong set of fat tissue, and its consequences – pathological changes in subcutaneous tissue.

Cellulite is not a disease, but in highly progressive form it may be the source of pain. It’s interesting that it is natural way of gathering fat in female organism.

Where Does It Come From?

This is the hormones fault! Not overweight!

I’m terribly angry when I read some of the posts connected with cellulite, published on web forums, containing advices of people who actually don’t know anything about this subject. I met posts like “lose weight”, “get rid of fat”, “eat less, exercise more” very often, and they are among those less annoying. Indeed, high amount of fat tissue may make cellulite very visible, but fat itself is not responsible for cellulite!

It is the fault of hormones, our beloved oestrogens, which cause that connective tissue is getting weaker, its permeability gets stronger, it’s less supplied with blood, and lymphatic vessels do not get water and toxins out of it, causing uneven locating of various substances. For this reason skin becomes ridged (in less or more visible way), and characteristic protrusions and dimples appears on it.

Even Slim or Very Slim People Suffers From It?

I had chance to see women with slim (or even skinny) legs had cellulite dimples on them. I know girls with a little bit of fat, but they don’t seem to suffer from cellulite. In this case, the amount of fat under skin has truly secondary meaning. Really! If you still don’t believe in it, you should know that dermatology divides cellulite on water, lipid and mixed. First has nothing in common with fat contrary to second and third. In case of having those two types of cellulite it might be a good idea to deal with overweight.

Hormones And Gens Versus Life Hygiene

It is not quietly possible to defend from negative affect of hormones. Besides, whether cellulite appears or not is determined by a few factors. You probably already know it:

  • Wrong diet
  • No Physical activity
  • Stress and some other factors which destabilize psyche
  • Genetic conditions

As you can see, apart from gens, cellulite formation is mostly determined by factors on which we have influence. I would labelled them all as “unhygienic life” (do not understand it literally i.e. e.g. every day bath).

It Is Hard To Win With Gens And Hormones But…

You can really do a lot to get rid of orange skin. Destructive influence of hormones can be weakened, and you can put “veto” on gens by caring about yourself and strengthening your connective tissue (skin and subcutaneous layer) in all possible ways – diet, activity, hygienic lifestyle with no stress, humps, anger and depressions.

Besides extra measures can be useful. That’s hard to contradict. Regular massages, professional cosmetic treatment – all of them are our allies. Allies, that are worth using in fight with gens, hormones and… own weaknesses. Because let’s stop cheating ourselves, sometimes we have to eat something sweet, drink a glass of wine, have a lazy rest from diets and exercises. Sometimes we have to forget about cellulite.

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    Really good information about cellulite and its causes.

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