What Kind Of Cellulite You Fight With?

celluliteCellulite has many faces. It is often unnoticeable, but sometimes may disfigure skin, and even may be the source of unpleasant afflictions. Some kind of cellulite (or its stages) are connected with such advanced changes that it is impossible to not fell its permanent presence in our life.

But dear ladies, anti-cellulite treatment wasn’t invented for you to give up. Every kind of cellulite can be softened, and every kind can be removed with a little of effort. Nevertheless, it is good to “study” your cellulite at first.

Below you can find a short description of orange skin, with which it comes to struggle.

1. Hard cellulite

It occurs mostly young women yet before 25. Subcutaneous changes are not very clear, but yet they can be sensed. Skin covering this type of cellulite is often dry and rough. The metabolism product such as water and fat tissue is being stored under it. The amount of fat tissue is relative to the level we allow it to be, so in other words, total organism fatness.

Hard cellulite is mostly located on external parts of thighs, buttocks and on inner parts of thighs around knee area. The faster we focus on it, the bigger chances of removing it are. Untreated hard cellulite, despite its invisibility evolves eagerly and changes in other types of cellulite.

2. Soft cellulite

It often called mature women cellulite, as it occurs women in their forties and older ladies.
As we can assume from its name, this cellulite is covered with limp (as result of ageing process) skin, and cellulite (very soft) can appear not only on lower body parts (as in most cases of young people), but also arms, belly and even breasts.

3. Edematouscellulite

Some says that this cellulite combines features of previous two types, but it is not fully truth. It is specific due to its swelling, which cause skin deforming and characteristic calluses and dimples. This type is not completely the result of tendency for having cellulite and it can be prevented. However it may happen that medical helps is essential (swellings may be the signs of many serious diseases).

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