Which Diet Cellulite Loves – What To Eat To Keep It Forever

Diet CelluliteDo you wonder why on earth your fight with cellulite is permanently unjust? When you let off massages, body wrap treatment or Chinese cans (or even different, efficient way, but not necessarily done by yourself at home) for just a couple of weeks, how on earth it can attack, twice as strong, and come back to you?

Maybe once it crossed your mind, that regardless of all, you might be doing something wrong. You unconsciously provide some sort of secret weapon to annoying orange skin. Despite you win single battles, cellulite seems to start winning whole war. And if you really think so, you’re closer to the truth more thank you think.

Because due to the facts, every day you feed your own cellulite. You give it substances essential for survive, or even you provide him product, allowing him for systemic strengthening, which is obviously visible on your thighs and buttocks.

It is time to end this toxic relationship and stop feeding the enemy. And to stop feeding it, you must know what food he loves.


Sweets in every form and amount. The more the merrier. Carbohydrates are substances easiest to store in our body (for hard times), as – of course – fat cells. And it is not enough for you to stop sugaring coffee or tea.

Sugar is everywhere – starting from pop drinks and fruit nectar of all kind. You’ll find him in bread stuff, raw salad, sauces and it is an amount which completely fulfills a your organism need. So how to make war with sweets easier? I know 2 ways of avoiding them.

First, before I reach the cookie or bar, I imagine how long I will spend on massages and body spa with alternating showers which I hate, to make my legs free from cellulite again. How much time I can save for other, more interesting things than fighting cellulite and needles kilos or wrinkles. Sugar is harmful on area much wider than legs or belly.

The second way is even more efficient, I don’t buy sweets. If I don’t buy it, I won’t eat it. I try to remember it, and instead of chocolate I pick some sweet fruits, which contain much healthier kind of sugars – monosaccharaides.

Well Salted Dishes

Another nightmare of our times. Once slat was rarity. Only a few could afford it, and even if someone could, it was used very carefully, to suffice for a long time. Now one kilo of salt costs around 1-2 dollars. It is good available for everybody, and many misuse it.

The amount of salt we consume can only lead to many serious diseases, for example those connected with circulatory system. Having our dishes salted we forget, that food we haven’t prepared ourselves (bread, ready meals, half-finished products) always has high dose of salt.

In consequence, day after day we exceed recommended amount of salt intake at least three times. And If we really like salt, and often use it, it is almost certain that daily we eat even fife times as much salt, as we should.

Ok, so why salt is so good for cellulite? Because it keeps water in organism. In consequence, it impairs our blood circulation system, and proper, healthy metabolism in cells.


Little black coffee is what orange skin likes most. Of course under condition that it is transported to your organism via digestive system. Because caffeine in cosmetics is what cellulite hates.

Yet, when we don’t sleep enough, live fast, and we’re chronically tired, we tend to drink hectolitres of coffee. And this is how we give quite good arsenal to our cellulite. I would compare coffee to good long-range weapon. By drinking coffee we provide our organism with caffeine and caffeine stimulates our appetite. If we eat more than we need, our organism transform surpluses into body fat.

Another aspect – coffee which we drink contains a lot of substances which are known as toxic. And so, instead of removing toxins from our organism, we litter it even more. Coffee induces an increase of cortisol level in our blood, one of the hormones evidently responsible for cellulite formation.

That’s why before you reach another coffee cup, think if it is better to drink green tea instead, as it stimulates digesting. And if you really need to drink a coffee, drink also a big glass of water afterwards, to pan as much toxins from organism as possible.


In other word pure chemistry. Thanks to them dishes are fabulously colorful, always look fresh and never change shape. Thank to them pie will always grow, whipped cream will be stiff and smell will imitate fresh fruit and vegetables recently picked up from the garden.

Preservatives, taste and smell intensifiers, scarifies, concentrates of all kind and not only. Once they were labelled with symbol E-, but know, when consumers are responsive for this letter, they are presented by full chemical name. It’s still the same product, but with no bad associations.

Why Additives strengthen cellulite? Because they contain whole gobs of toxins, additional empty calories and high amount of salt. Together they greatly cooperate. They make cells malnourished, full of water and toxins – this is the beginning of fat cells hypertrophy and visible cellulite.


Do you know that scientists recently proved that women, who regularly drink wine have significantly higher female hormones level (oestrogen) than those, who taste it sporadically? And when that’s oestrogen which decides about fat cells, their size and way of storing them in organism, alcohol can practically guarantee cellulite.

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