Itchy Palms In People: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

itchy palmsMost people have been stricken with bouts of itching on their palms that would last at least s few minutes at a time at some point or the other in their lives.

In a large number of instances the itchy palms are a passing phenomenon that does not need further attention. But there are a lot of instances when an itch should warrant a closer attention.

Depending on the intensity and frequency of occurrence of itching of the palms, it is possible to differentiate the cause of the itch. While a good number of itches can be ignored, there are many instances when it should need a closer attention and if need be an expert treatment should be resorted to.

Typical Causes Of Itchy Palms

Dry Skin: This could be the prime reason that most people get itchy on their palms. The reason that a palm gets dry are many and varied. It could range from the use of improper soap to the wrong choice of sun tan lotion.

There are times a dry skin is had by the incorrect use of hot water to have a bath. In the drier months, it is best advised to abstain from having hot water baths. The depletion of essential oils on the skin can lead to itchy feeling of the skin.

Diabetes: The very common symptoms of diabetes include the formation of rashes and the causing of an itching of the skin and the plams. This is not to be taken lightly and proper attention is required to set right the condition.

Although the condition is usually local, the malady would be more deep seated than people would give credit. It is usually the more advanced stages of the diabetes that produces the itch and hence must not be ignored under any circumstances.

If an irritant skin is accompanied by frequent urination, weight gain or intense hunger, then it would be a good step to have the blood glucose tested to check for a diabetic condition.

Scabies: This is a skin condition that is caused by a pathogen the Sarcoptes Scabiei. When certain conditions that help harbor these mites are present, it forms easy stages for the formation of the mite colonies.

Most bouts of scabies attack result in intense itching of the palms and other parts of the skin that are under attack. Not only is it an uncomfortable feeling but it is not a pleasant sight to have with patches of red and white skin. The very intense nature of the infection can at times cause the formation of blisters and puss collection.

Psoriasis: This is a condition that has no cure. Despite the advances that medical sciences have made, it is virtually impossible to cure an infection completely. There are the active stages when the skin erupts into patches of red and the dormant times when it is a more tolerable patch. The palms are particularly vulnerable to itching due to the rough use of the skin on them.

The very nature of the infection of Psoriasis is such that it rarely is confined to the palms but would be all over the body. There are indeed a number of individuals that have very benign condition of the skin that they do not experience any irritation as such only that it does not look very pretty to have patches and blotches formed on the skin.

Eczema: There are different types of this infection that need not restrict its occurrence on just the palms alone. But the palms are a good area of infection due to the rubbing action that occurs on the palms.

This is a very hereditary condition and people that have members of their family having this condition are more prone to an infection. Most doctors recommend a mixture of histamines and corticosteroids to keep the irritation in check. But in most cases the infection is contained by using a more personal method than a blanket application of medication.

Food Allergies: One of the first manifestation of a skin allergy is the itching of the palms. The intense pressures that are usually applied to the palms make this area particularly vulnerable to itching.

Food allergies are usually varying in nature with each allergen acting differently in each situation. But the more broad based action that usually follows an improper diet is one of the prime reasons that allergies play up. Reactions to substances in the food would be a good reason for itchy skin and particularly the palms.

There can never be a sufficient emphasize on the need to have a balanced diet. The importance of fat soluble vitamins that play a large role in keeping the skin in general and the palms in particular looking and feeling great cannot be stressed enough.

Ways To Have A Healthy And Smooth Skin

Most specialists urge people to take in lots of water to have a good looking skin. The water not only removes toxins but function to keep the pores of the skin in good working order. The condition of itching of palms can only be contained and not fully cured.

Most doctors advise the regular intake of vitamin E and vitamin D for a glowing and trouble free skin and palms. The use of salads in the diet is also a good way to ensuring not just a good complexion but a non irritant palm as well.

It is also advised to apply moisturizers to palms and skin from time to time particularly during the dry seasons and in summer. In addition to a good looking palm and skin it is also a comforting feeling to do so.

A well balanced diet that ensures the intake of the complete range of minerals and vitamins is the start to a good palm. That an imbalanced diet is the start to many skin conditions is an accepted fact by a lot of physicians. Caring for the palms start off with proper care of the skin and the two cannot be separated.

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  1. Chelsie Cain says:

    Foderma serum has really helped a persistent patch of eczema on the palm of my hand that’s been there for a year or more. I had to use it multiple times a day for over a month before I saw some real improvement, but that’s a better result than I was getting by overusing a steroid cream. I still have thickened skin there and some breakouts, but I’m happy with the improvement I’ve seen so far. I think with several more months of use then the damaged skin will continue to get better.

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