Rash Around The Eyes: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention

eyes rashRash around the eyes is known to result in severe skin irritation and pain when it is in the initial stage. This can lead to formation of pimples, blisters and bumps.

You have to know the root cause of the problem to get the right kind of healing treatment. Many of the seasonal rashes can appear due to heat, humidity, dryness in the skin layers etc. Skin infections and disorders can also cause rashes. The other types of rashes could be due to health disorders like diabetes, eczema, dermatitis, medicines, cosmetic products etc.

Home treatment can be effective when the rashes are not critical in nature. You can get assured results when the causes are clearly identified to be within the limitations of such remedies and ingredients. Otherwise you need to contact a dermatologist to get the cure.

Rash Around The Eyes – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention

UV Radiation

  • Causes:  Exposure to excess of sun and UV can cause rashes in the eye surroundings. They can turn into pimples and boils when left untreated. Oxidation of skin cells and tissues is said to be the main cause of UV initiated rashes. They can be severe if your skin has excess oil content.
  • Symptoms:  Tiny red dots appear around the eyes in the initial stage. They grow in numbers and density over time, resulting in patches called rashes. Dry and oily skin can promote the spread of rashes. Soon they get transformed into pimples and small bumps.
  • Treatment: Vitamin C cream can heal the rashes to considerable extent. Mix one spoon of Aloe Vera + one spoon of turmeric oil + one spoon of honey in a bowl. Clean the affected areas with fresh lemon peel and wash with pure water. Then you can apply the mix gently on the affected areas. Wait for your skin to absorb the ingredients. Then you can wash with warm water. Use cold compress to heal the irritation during the treatment. Following the procedure for 4 to 5 days can result in healing of the rashes.
  • Prevention:  If you have dry skin, you need to use a natural moisturizer. It will help in resistance to UV. Apply sunscreen and wear dark goggles while exposing your face to sun.


  • Causes:  Skin allergens formed from foods, cosmetics, pollen, insect bites, medicines, fabrics and certain plants in your home garden can cause rashes around the eyes. Sensitive skin can get affected faster compared to the normal skin types.
  • Symptoms:  Appearance of tiny red dots below the eyes is the most probable initial symptom. It can also be tiny red or brow patches which grow in intensity and size. Severe irritation with itching creates the urge to scratch. This leads to further increase in intensity.
  • Treatment:  Any treatment for allergens has to start with avoiding of further contact with such elements. For this you need to identify the allergy causing elements. Food allergy can be due to eggs, grains, starch and dairy products. Other allergens could be makeup cream, mascara and others. Identify and eliminate their usage first. Then you can start with the treatment. Cold compress, application of Aloe Vera + Vitamin C cream or application of sandalwood oil + rosemary oil can help in healing the symptoms.
  • Prevention:  Complete abstinence from allergic foods, cosmetics, soaps and shampoos and avoiding allergic fabrics are the first stage of prevention. Complete facial massage with Aloe Vera + Neem oil can help in enhancing the immunity and clear the pores in the skin. This can also help in balancing the oil levels in the skin to certain extent.

Skin Infections

  • Causes: Bacterial and fungal deposition in the skin layers because of exposure to unhygienic environment can cause skin infections. This leads to rashes around the eyes. Contamination of blood vessels in the skin layers can increase the intensity of rashes.
  • Symptoms:  Appearance of yellow or brown spots around the eyes is the most probable symptom. They can change into tiny rashes which grow and expand in size and intensity. Constant feeling of irritation with burning and itching sensation is the other symptoms.
  • Treatment:  The first step is to eliminate the contamination of blood vessels. Skin massage (affected areas) with neem oil, turmeric and Aloe Vera helps in elimination of contaminants to certain extent. The mix can kill the bacteria and fungi deposited in the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin. Gentle massage with castor oil can help in blood vessel purification to a considerable extent. You need to wait for 15 to 20 minutes after every massage, before washing with warm water. Avoid using soap or cosmetics.
  • Prevention:  Herbal (Aloe Vera + neem + turmeric oil) capsules can help in keeping the blood vessels clean and free from infections. Keep your facial skin hygiene by cleaning with neem + basil oil. Drink plenty of water and antioxidant fruit juices.

Hay Fever

  • Causes:  Seasonal variation in spring and summer can cause hay fever resulting in rashes around the eyes.
  • Symptoms:  Constant irritation around the eyes with appearance of tiny red spots is the first symptom. You may also experience irritation the lungs and chest areas, with fluctuations in body temperature.
  • Treatment:  Antibiotics for healing of hay fever is the first step to reliable remedy. You can contact your doctor to get the right prescription. Application of coconut oil + rosemary oil on the affected areas can heal the rashes. Neem oil + coconut oil can help in immunizing the skin to a considerable extent and clearing of rashes.
  • Prevention:  Wear face mask (covering nose and mouth) while going out during spring and summer. Avoid exposure to pollens and other elements causing hay fever. Massage your face regularly with neem oil and Aloe Vera mix. Let the mix soak your skin before cleaning with warm water. Neem oil is highly recommended by experts for enhancing the skin immunity.

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