Skin Immunity For All Ages

skin immunityNatural microbes in your skin play an important role in providing immunity from various pathogenic, bacterial and viral infections. According to dermatologists these microbes can be found all over your skin area of 1.8 square meters from head to toe.

Forehead region is mostly occupied with lipid lowing microbes which help in balancing the activities of skin oil. Scalp region is host to microbes which nurture hair follicles and sebaceous glands.

Lipopholic types can be found in relatively moist areas like inner pars of lips. Malassezia types of microbes are said to be the most abundant ones which spread all over your body skin. The other important microbes are aspergillus, Cryptococcus and epicoccum types of microbes.

When your skin is in healthy condition these microbes are helpful in providing immunity from fungal infections that affect feet, legs, arm pits, shoulders and back. Similar microorganisms are also found in genital and rectum areas.

Initiation of Imbalance

The imbalance starts when you start exposing your skin to excess of heat, UV radiation, heat and humidity. Chemicals in your makeup and beautification products can also cause damages to the microbes.

Excess of antibiotics, antiseptic creams and antioxidants are the other probable reasons for these microbes to act against your skin. In such cases they see “threat” to their existence and start producing elements which cause the pathogens to grow and turn into skin infections.

In many instances you might have observed the ineffectiveness of antiseptic creams and lotions when applied onto cuts, inflammations and wounds. It is because the pathogens have grown immune to the ingredients of these products and sometimes they even thrive on them. When your skin is faced with such situations you need to start using natural methods to increase skin immunity. Here you can read a few of them in brief.

Tips to Skin Rashes Immunity

  • Balance the hydration levels in your skin with regular consumption of pure water and fruit juices. Avoid chemical and synthetic based skin products in case you have sensitive skin. Make it a point to take out your makeup before you rest for the day.
  • Massage your skin with natural ingredients like essential oils, coconut oil, and other fat free oils regularly. Use steam at moderate temperature to soak your skin for 15 to 20 minutes a day it can clear your skin pores. Once you are through with this process apply a thin coat natural moisturizer. Your skin will be able to absorb its ingredients faster.
  • Neem oil is a natural antiseptic and antioxidant which does not interfere with the activities of any beneficial skin microbes. Take two teaspoons of Neem oil, 1 teaspoon of essential oil and ½ teaspoon of Aloe vera liquid in a bowl and mix well. Apply on your facial skin, forearms and feet. Let it soak your skin for about 15 minutes before washing with warm water. This process increases your skin immunity to common skin infections like rashes.

Natural Skin Immunity Boosters

Natural immunity boosters can work at their best only when they get the support of microbes living in our skin areas. Eucalyptus oil, Guggul, ginseng and lemon oil can act as immunity boosters and microbial levels balancing elements.

Take equal proportions of these ingredients in a bowl and heat to moderate temperature. Cool to lukewarm level and apply on your entire skin areas. Get a massage which helps the ingredients to penetrate your skin layers. You can shower in warm water after 20 minutes.

Follow this procedure once a week for about 4 weeks to boost your skin immunity naturally.

Immunity and Skin Problems

According to dermatologists skin immunity needs to be balanced at a natural level which can allow your skin to absorb essential elements from foods, fluids and surrounding environment. Stuffing it with excess of immunity providing agents can actually increase the probability of autoimmunity conditions. This is a state when they start acting against your own skin and cause damages. Acne during pregnancy and recovery from serious illnesses is reportedly attributed to auto immune system due to antibiotics.

It is obvious that you cannot avoid antibiotics or other drugs which are prescribed during pregnancy and disease recovery period. Hence you need to find ways for reducing their negative effects on your skin.

  • Water is the most powerful solvent which can wash away the toxic elements from your intestine, pancreas and kidneys which are induced by medication before they reach your skin layers. You need to consume plenty of pure water during this period.
  • Basil leaves need to be immersed in a cup of water and soaked for 1 hour. Add one tablespoon of honey and drink it regularly in the morning in empty stomach. It can eliminate many types of common skin infectious pathogens originating from your internal organs.
  • Apply a thin coat of castor oil on your skin and expose it to early morning sunlight for about 10 minutes. It generates a layer of immune system on your skin with vitamin C. It also helps in enhancing collagen levels and skin tightening. Avoid this procedure later during the day as it can burn your skin and cause acne.

Physically your skin from toe to head is split into various sections like:

  • Inguinal crease in legs, thighs and genitals.
  • Hypothenar region in palms.
  • Volar region in arms.
  • Antecubital region in hands.
  • Manubrium region in chest.
  • Occiput region in head and back.
  • Glabella region in your facial skin.

Every region is dominated by unique sets of microorganisms which live in harmony with your skin cells. It is only when these microbes are left undisturbed you can expect your immunity system to work effectively in coordination with them.

According to skin specialists it needs natural immunity ingredients for achieving this goal. It can be used for all the age groups without fearing any negative side effects. However it is a continued process which has to be practiced regularly in order to protect your skin over a long time.

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