6 Tips For Hiding Ugly Stretch Marks

When your body gains extra weight at an abnormally high rate the skin gets stretched beyond its normal capacity. When the skin’s elasticity reaches its peak the middle layer of the skin gets damaged and tears occur. They begin by appearing in purplish, pinkish or reddish looking lines which may eventually turn to white or silver gray. Since stretch marks may actually be difficult to remove, the following tips will help in disguising your stretch marks.

Tip #1 – Self tanning

One of the quickest ways to hide your stretch marks and make them less noticeable is though self tanning. There are numerous spray s, lotions and tans that can be used for this assignment and not forgetting bronzing powders. These are considered safer and more effective than sun tans which may actually be harmful to your skin health.

Tip #2 – Hide with makeup

You can very quickly disguise your stretch marks by wearing makeup that will hide them away or perhaps use some concealers. There are special types of makeup that are made specifically for hiding stretch marks away. This type of makeup is thicker than what you use on your face and is made in such a way that it can withstand perspiration and any other elements such as water since you may want to plunge in a pool for a swim. There are also liquid concealers and air brush makeup that you can use.

Tip #3 – Cover up

Working with your fashion designer you can very expertly cover up your stretch marks with the type of clothes that you choose to wear.  You can wear swimsuits that feature shorts and they will hide any ugly stretch marks on your thighs and when it comes to tops you can opt for higher cutting ones so as to hide any stretch marks on your breasts.

Tip #4 – Creams

Creams are very popular and especially the ones that are made from cocoa butter, emu oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, coconut oil and Aloe Vera. These creams are effective but you will need patience in order to see results because they are not instant.

Tip #5 – Stretching exercises

There are a number of exercises that can be very effective in toning and firming the skin so that stubborn stretch marks get to be less visible and noticeable. You need to learn a variety of stretching exercises which will systematically break down any scar tissue and in the process will help to restore the skin’s elasticity. This will work pretty well in restoring the skin and greatly reduce the visibility of stretch marks.

Tip #6 – Cover with tattoos

Tattoos are becoming popular these days and if you love them you can use them in order to cleverly disguise your stretch marks. You can talk to your tattoo artist and they will be able to work out designs that will make it difficult for anyone to tell whether you had any stretch marks at all.

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