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Stretch marks can be a big problem, especially for women after pregnancy. Bio Oil reviews have been so favorable online that I was curious as to what the truth is around how real the benefits of Bio Oil are.

So this in-depth Bio Oil review is going to take a look at the product, what’s in it, what’s being said online about it, and whether it’s as good as it seems.

So What Is Bio Oil?

Bio Oil is designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring. It was launched in 2002, with little media attention initially.

But since then it has become a very popular brand in lots of countries. Has it become popular because it is a miraculous product?

Well, it is the number one selling stretch mark product in 17 countries around the world, but I wonder how much of that is just word-of-mouth hype, especially as it has become a general recommendation from midwives, is it basically being publicized parrot fashion without any particular results justifying it?



One of the reasons I’m skeptical about Bio Oil results is the ingredients. For something that is so widely known in use, you would expect some pretty special ingredients to be in it. The truth is that the ingredients of Bio Oil are very general and available individually.

The key active ingredients of Bio Oil are:

  • Rosemary oil. This has antibacterial properties, and can reduce infection on the skin. It also can possibly reduce inflammation.
  • Chamomile oil. This is another one of the Bio Oil ingredients that has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It also appears in lots of other skincare products.
  • Vitamin A. This is another very common ingredient in skincare products. It can help to stop the skin shedding so quickly, and reduce skin discoloration.
  • Lavender oil. This has been used on the skin for a long time in many countries. It is an anti fungal oil and contains antioxidants.
  • PurCellin oil. This oil contains moisturizing properties, which helps to heal flaky skin.

I think you can see one thing straight away. One of the questions people ask is does Bio Oil lighten skin, and I think you can see here that none of the key ingredients do that particularly well.

In addition, Bio Oil hyperpigmentation reduction properties do not appear to be great either. Although in a minor way it can reduced discoloration potentially and encourage regeneration of skin, I’m very skeptical that it has the ingredients to do it to any significant degree.

How To Use Bio Oil

The manufacturer recommends you use Bio Oil for a minimum of three months. You should apply it twice daily, whether you are using Bio Oil for face problems, or Bio Oil in pregnancy recovery.

We should massage the oil into your skin in a circular motion until it is fully absorbed.

We should note here as well that a couple of the ingredients could have potential Bio Oil side effects, basically minor skin irritation.

Does Bio Oil Work?

I think the problem with answering this question is that it depends what you are asking if Bio Oil works on achieving.

Unlike something more specialized like retinol or hydroquinone cream, Bio Oil is not strong enough or target is enough to deal with more advanced skin problems.

Some people use Bio Oil for acne scars, but it depends on the severity. If they are minor and healing anyway then it can help in a very small way, but it is not going to cover up significant scars.

Bio Oil before and after photos can be misleading because there are huge differences in the type of scar or stretch Mark that people are trying to deal with, and you don’t know when they were formed either. They could be healing, or fully healed and more difficult to deal with.


Generally, according to the manufacturer, Bio Oil can have a minor benefit on:

  • Problems with aging skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Uneven skin pigmentation
  • Acne
  • Dry skin
  • Dark spots

I suspect these claims are true and Bio Oil is a company that has done research. But I think for most people any positive effect on these conditions will be very minor.


Bio Oil Customer Reviews

User reviews on Amazon are 65% positive. However the positive reviews seem to be around quite minor skin problems and are inconclusive:

“I have only used it for a little while, I haven’t seen any improvements. But I was told it would take a few months of continuous use. I wish it just worked faster. But I do like how it doesn’t leave my skin feeling really oily. No chemical smells either.”

However there are some concerning comments as well:

“This product supposed to be Hypoallergenic! That was one of the main reasons I purchased this item. I applied it last night before bedtime then couldn’t sleep for the entire night. My face was itchy then gradually followed by numbness of the finger tips and feet with minor joint pain on the ankle and knee. Lastly I just noticed pressure on my lymph nodes that I haven’t felt for quite sometimes. I won’t buy this product if you have hypersensitive immune system.”

Bio Oil Price & Where To Buy

On Amazon a 6.7oz bottle of Bio Oil is currently $16.99. You can also buy Bio Oil in boots and other large high street stores.

Although it pays to shop around, in terms of price it is quite similar wherever you shop. So it really depends on how much you are willing to work to save a bit of the cost of a Bio Oil purchase.


There is no doubt that Bio Oil has a positive effect on skin. It is nourishing and the ingredients will have a minor effects on scarring, imperfections and blemishes.

There are a few issues around potential Bio Oil side effects, and also I’m not convinced that the ingredients are strong enough or concentrated enough to attack more pronounced scarring or stretch marks.

In terms of pros:

  • Bio Oil is affordable
  • It’s easily obtainable
  • User experience suggests it does help the skin
  • Definitely will help some skin conditions

In terms of cons:

  • There is evidence of people having hypoallergenic reactions to Bio Oil
  • There are better specialist products out there that people may not be aware of

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