How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

stretch marksThe body changes over time, as that is the natural part of aging, something that not one human being can help. Before there was plastic surgery, aging was seen as a thing to do with pride. However, now, it’s seen as a disastrous close look into the abyss of the ever after that many people aren’t able to come to terms with.

Among the natural markings that people develop over time, stretch marks are markings that can form during any age of a person’s life. Though some people are able to handle the markings, others look to natural and medical means to remove them. Learning how to get rid of stretch marks is much easier than people think.

Aging has become on of the hardest things for what seems to the be the majority. The idea of immortality has become set in the minds of individuals, and they are not necessarily referring to the notion of living forever, but the idea of looking beautiful and young until the day they have to pass on.

Wrinkles and stretch marks are just some of the physical markings that suggest aging, and people take these are lack in their physical presence of being beautiful. Of other markings that people can obtain from aging, there are spider veins, grey hair, loss of hair, body parts sagging, discoloration of the skin; just to name a few.

Every other month, there is a new cream introduced onto the market that promises the fountain of youth in a tube, bottle, and canister. These creams are meant to revitalize the skin, keeping it from getting dry, and keeping it looking young no matter how old the person gets.

Do these creams work, that stands to question, as some of these creams work, but is it enough for some people, who knows. Others who find themselves impatient on the results from these brand name cure-all for stretch marks, wrinkles, and such, they go to a slightly more extreme and costly alternative, medical procedures.

These procedures, better known to everyone else as plastic and cosmetic surgery, has provided the answer to those looking for their youth and beauty again. From face lifts, implants, nose jobs, collagen injections, laser treatments, skin grafts, and such, are just a few of the medical treatments that people seek to regain their youthful look. Depending on the demographic, some people righteously believe in these steps, and have no problem expressing it to the world, while others find it to be something they’d much rather keep to themselves. Currently, learning how to get rid of stretch marks is just one of the many things that people are focusing their aging attention to.

What Are Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are markings in the shape of a straight line that forms around the areas of the legs, arms, buttocks, abdominal region, and chest regions of the body. These markings can develop from the time a person goes into puberty, up until the time they are in their age of being considered a senior citizen.

Stretch markings are caused by the stretching of the skin of the already above mentioned areas. Children who go through growth spurts get them, women who are pregnant have had dealt with their fair share of stretch marks, those who work out and begin to build up muscle mass deal with stretch marks as well.

There are other reasons that stretch marks can form, but what people know, is that these are marks that don’t exactly look cosmetically pleasing to them. Depending on how much stretching the skin has gone through will depend on how much stretch marks will appear.

At first, the when the marks appear, they will be red, but thin will settle into the person’s skin tone, looking more like a scar. Now, many who are developing stretch marks, or are even looking for ways to prevent them for even forming, and looking for ways to discover how to get rid of stretch marks. For many, they are thankful to learn that there are both natural and surgical methods to not only help remove these marks, but help in preventing them for even forming to begin with.

Natural Stretch Marks Treatment

Looking through the natural methods in how to get rid of stretch marks, a person should always make sure that they are not engaging in any activity that would stretch their skin. This could include a number of things, so at any time a person feels that their skin might stretch in any sense of the word, they should make sure that their skin is hydrating. One of the best ways to make sure that this is done is through using lotion, preferably lotion that contains the vitamins A,  E, and C, and cocoa butter.

These are also the same lotions, that used regularly, can help in removing stretch marks. Next, always stay as hydrated as possible, and one of the easiest ways of doing this is by drinking water. In also learning how to get rid of stretch marks, a person should give the stretch mark scars time to heal. None of the above and soon to be mentioned methods will heal over night, unless there is surgical methods involved.

Another method that people use, on top of using the already mentioned lotion products on how to get rid of stretch marks, is by exfoliating the skin. This is done by getting a body wash that has exfoliating beads in it, and won’t dry out the skin, accompanied with a loofah. Through the use of the loofah sponge, the skin can be massaged with in healing itself again.

Reports have stated that by tanning and increasing circulation to the skin, through massaging it, the skin will begin to reshape itself and begin to get rid of scarring, or rather, stretch marks. Next, people have used the gel found within Vitamin E gel tablets and rubbed it across their stretch marks. Using creams, such as cocoa butter, emu oil, rose hip oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, castor oil, and lotions that contain vitamins A, E, and C, are well known useful creams for getting rid of stretch marks.

Some even say that using Vics Vapor Rub has helped with making stretch marks nearly invisible. While using these different types of methods, people agree with the same verdict, that they do work, and within a few weeks, they all see the results that they are looking for. Their stretch marks begin to recede, thinning out, and becoming close to invisible.

There are medical procedures that people can use to get rid of them, which provide permanent results. However, they can only work in removing the stretch marks, not in preventing them. People who are looking to prevent stretch marks from forming should use the lotions and creams mentioned above.

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